Democracy Happy Hour – Jan. 27, 2021

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Democracy Happy Hour – January 27, 2021 - Democracy in the U.S. Compared to Other Countries

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  • 02/03/21 - The Filibuster
  • 02/10/21 - Democracy & Capitalism
  • 02/17/21 - Civic Education & Impact on Democracy
  • 02/24/21 - Redistricting & Gerrymandering

For the People Act - TAKE ACTION Page -

For the People Act CALL IN DAY – February 2nd - 1-888-246-5947

For the People Act Phonebanking w/ Common Cause - Saturdays at 3 pm PT -

Sign and send the petition: Demand the House and Senate pass HR 1 and rebuild our democracy -

“Eastpointe” Film Screening & Panel Discussion – Jan 28th @ 6 pm PT:

Becoming a Democracy ROUND 2 w/ Kristin Eberhard – February 18th @ 6 pm PT -

Democracy Lobby Week – Feb 22-26:

“Dark Money” Film Discussion with Meaningful Movies at First Church – Feb 28th @ 12 pm PT:

Speak Up School series with Delta Gamma Kappa & LWV:

FDF Donation Page -

FDF Events Page - Past Events-

In the News & Election Links:

Holocaust Remembrance Day – in pictures -

Nearly all GOP senators vote against impeachment trial for Trump, signaling likely acquittal -

How Nonviolent Activists Helped Oppose the Coup -


Historic audit of N.J. mail-in election is complete. The results are promising, officials say. -

Despite GOP Claim, Few Valid Voter Fraud Claims in Wisconsin -

Poll finds 1 in 3 believe false claims voter fraud led to Biden win -

Watchdog to Examine Whether Justice Dept. Helped Trump Effort to Overturn Election -

How Michigan’s first absentee ballot controversy helped solidify judicial independence -

Repeated election lies feed into bad voter laws, say experts -

Republican senator’s bill would require copies of voters' IDs to be submitted with absentee ballots -

Time to make sure voting remains easy again in 2022 -

In wake of 2020 election, state GOP lawmakers aim to change election laws -

Voting Laws Roundup 2021 -

How Gerrymandering Will Protect Republicans Who Challenged the Election -

GOP lawmakers want to extend the corruption of gerrymandering to Pa. courts -

Partisan gerrymandering's first win of the year goes to N.Y. Democrats -

CEO’s Newfound Concern for democracy is bunk -

Microsoft's ugly truth -

Halting Corporate Political Contributions is Not Enough to Protect Democracy -

Eleven Years Later, Democrats Will Try Again to Address Citizens United’s Dark Money Problem -

Corporations and Fixing Campaign Finance -

Democrats Have a Plan to Start Rebuilding American Democracy. Can They Get It Done? -

The two bills Biden needs to sign as soon as possible to make the next election fair -


As RCV debuts in NYC, momentum builds across the country -

Our democracy demands an investment in civic education -

How to follow and participate in the Washington state Legislature -

Fix Democracy First Legislation page -

Democracy in the U.S. Compared to Other Countries Links:

Cheat Sheet: 10 Common Forms of Government -

Different Types of Government Around the World -

Democracy Index 2019 -

Low scores for U.S. government in two global scorecards -


Democracy Index 2019 -

Visualizing the State of Democracy, by Country -

A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy -

Policy Recommendations: Strengthening Democracy -

How countries around the world view democracy, military rule and other political systems -

Younger Americans more likely than older adults to say there are other countries that are better than the U.S. -

Comparing Democratic Distress in the United States and Europe -

U.S. Election Integrity Compares Poorly to Other Democracies -

In past elections, U.S. trailed most developed countries in voter turnout -

Democracy is in decline around the world — and Trump is part of the problem -

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January 27, 2021
5:00 pm
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March 3, 2021
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