Democracy Happy Hour – April 10, 2024

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Judge Won’t Delay Trump’s Criminal Trial to Wait for Immunity Ruling -

Appeals Court Denies Another Trump Attempt to Delay Trial -

What to Know About the Trial Donald Trump Faces in Manhattan -

Judge Cannon shoots down Trump’s presidential records act claim -

Georgia Judge Rejects Effort to Dismiss Trump Case on Free Speech Grounds -

Special counsel urges Supreme Court to reject Trump’s immunity claim -

Federal judge condemns ‘normalization’ of January 6 while sentencing defiant rioter -

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling -

Trump says he’ll jail his opponents. Members of the House Jan. 6 committee are preparing –

‘Building an authoritarian axis’: the Trump ‘envoy’ courting the global far right -

Former Trump officials are among the most vocal opponents of returning him to the White House -

Republicans scrutinize voting rolls and ramp up for mass challenges ahead of election -

Inside the Election Denial Groups Planning to Disrupt November -

Election worker turnover has reached historic highs ahead of the 2024 vote, new data shows -

Local election officials say the Biden administration needs to do more to keep them safe -

Anonymous users are dominating right-wing discussions online. They also spread false information -

China will use AI to disrupt elections in the US, South Korea and India, Microsoft warns -

Republicans Push Election Law Changes In These Crucial States Ahead Of 2024 Race -

Voter ID and absentee-ballot limits: the South tightens key voting laws ahead of election -

Voting rights groups sue Alabama over blocking assistance for absentee ballots -

Supporters of Alaska election system file suit seeking to block repeal initiative -

Arizona Supreme Court ruling clears way for near-total abortion ban -

‘Catastrophic,’ ‘a shock’: Arizona’s abortion ruling threatens to upend 2024 races -

Arizona Republicans denounce revived 1864 abortion ban in sudden reversal -

Journalist removed from Colorado Republican event for ‘unfair’ reporting -

Elections law caused ‘dramatic decrease’ in voter registrations by community groups, official says -

Florida voter registration restrictions get a First Amendment challenge in federal court -

Miami-Dade prosecutor: There are active investigations of voter registration orgs -

A new election law battle is brewing in Georgia, this time over voter challenges -

Senate approves resolution on Election Night to ban ranked choice voting -

Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek signs bill on campaign finance limits -

Wisconsin Voters Approve Ballot Measures to Ban Private Funding of Election Administration -

Supreme Court slow to resolve potentially election-altering cases as justices inch toward final arguments -

An Effort to End ‘Judge-Shopping’ Turns Into a ‘Political Firestorm’ -

Why Republican federal judges are fighting among themselves -

Your State-by-State Guide to the 2024 Supreme Court Elections -

Trump tells billionaires he'll keep their taxes low at $50 million fundraising gala -

Democratic group invests in state-level races this year with an eye on future redistricting cycles -

Top fundraisers vie to succeed McConnell as Senate GOP Leader -

Leadership PACs allow special interests to donate even more money to Congress -

Super PACs keep testing the limits of campaign finance law -

The US Billionaire Class Is Richer Than Ever and That’s Bad News for Democracy -

How states are leading in the fight against big money in campaigns -

Remove foreign-influenced corporate money from our elections now -

No Labels won’t run a third-party campaign after trying to recruit a centrist presidential candidate -

Washington state legislative map clears U.S. Supreme Court appeal -

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