Honoring Linda Bock
Our dear friend, Linda Bock, passed away on October 3, 2023. Those of you who knew Linda, know what an amazing person and activist she was. She was a long time Board Member & Officer for Fix Democracy First.
Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the threat of Inverted Totalitarianism, by Sheldon Wollin
This book, more than any other I have read of late, will challenge your concepts of the system in which we live.
Nancy MacLean: The Rise of the Radical Right
How libertarian intellectuals, billionaires and white supremacists shape today’s politics Keynote at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' BC Office 2019 gala.
Enchaining Democracy with Nancy MacLean
Enchaining Democracy: The Now-Transnational Project of the Radical Libertarian Right with Nancy MacLean
Summary - What Does It All Mean?
Brief summary of the series Democracy Journey by Ken Dammand about our democracy, how we got here, and what can be done.
Democracy Journey: Introduction
A series about our democracy, how we got here, and what can be done.
#7 - Corporations and Democracy
The primary source of big money in First World countries is the control of consolidated and potentially immortal artificial entities -- corporations.
#6 - The Myths that Blind Us
Ken Dammand breaks down popular myths about democracy, capitalism, and more...
#4 - Class War and Democracy
Buffet is right. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a mindbogglingly small fraction of the population and this phenomenon is accelerating
#3 - Why Defeat Democracy?
There is near universal agreement that our democracy is broken. To fix it we must understand what has happened and why.
#2 - The Plan to Defeat Democracy
American Democracy is under attack. It is being used to the advantage of a few over the well-being of the many
#1 - The Short Story of Democracy’s Demise
Democracy is all about equality in political power. But this doesn’t work for everybody.
#5 - Is Our Democracy in Chains?
Democracy does not work for everyone. There are, have been, and always will be people who would be better served by it...
Democracy Journey - According to Ken
FDF Board Member Ken Dammand outlines the importance of Fix Democracy First's work within the context of Nancy MacLean's thesis on American Democracy.
Fix Democracy First: In the News
Op-Eds and articles featuring Fix Democracy First's efforts
Nancy MacLean Book Intro (Why We Are Here)
Our government is a union of all United States citizens. Everyone is a member. It is the way we organize to efficiently address problems that affect us all.
‍On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
By Timothy Snyder, On Tyranny is a call to arms and a guide to resistance, with invaluable ideas for how we can preserve our freedoms in the uncertain years to come.
The Global Minotaur: America, Europe and the Future of the Global Economy
Yanis Varoufakis, the former finance Minister of Greece, uses the mythological creature to explain how the unsustainable financialization of the world’s assets was a result of the world's governments failure to keep the world’s trade imbalances in check.
Inequality for All
Former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich discusses the grave economic and social consequences that may result if the gap between rich and poor continues to widen.
Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy
David Daley examines how a small cadre of Republican operatives rigged American elections.
UNRIG: How to Fix Our Broken Democracy
This stirring nonfiction graphic novel by Daniel G. Newman and artist George O’Connor takes readers behind the scenes where lawmakers scheme to handpick their voters.
Introduction to the Problem of Money in US Politics
Great disparity in the wealth of citizens has been a problem for the conduct of democracy since ancient Athens. At the outset of the American experiment in democracy only wealthy males over 21 could vote.
Recommended Reading List (Full List)
An aggregated list of all FDF's suggested books to learn more issues relating to improving our Democracy.
A People's History of the United States
Howard Zinn presents a different side of history from the more traditional "fundamental nationalist glorification of country".
Local Elections and the Politics of Small-Scale Democracy
This book offers the first comprehensive analysis of electoral politics in America's municipalities.
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