Recruiting, training and supporting women running for office in Washington State


WON (Women in Office Now), a project of Fix Democracy First Education Fund, is a statewide program focused on expanding women's representation in Washington state. The program also includes several training modules to help enable women to successfully run for office in Washington state. Past training sessions were recorded and are archived for viewing on demand by women and women-identified persons who are considering or planning to run for office. The sessions feature special guests, including current and former legislators, experts in the topics of discussion, and a list of resources on various campaign topics.

WON, in collaboration with other organizations, is working to help build a statewide leadership support network to help women as they run for office to ensure success, as well as long-term sustainability to recruit, train and support women while in office.


The WON program is also focused on outreach to recruit potential candidates from ongoing community interactions and relationships with various coalitions and organizations throughout the state. Emphasis will be on recruiting women from historically underrepresented communities, including Black, Latina, Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQ+, youth, and lower income women and women-identified persons. If you know someone who might be interested, please let them know about the program.


All WON training modules were held via Zoom. As a statewide program, these virtual events enabled greater outreach throughout Washington state. As the program continues, more modules may be added or expanded based on feedback and requests from participants.

Candidates and interested persons can pick and choose which modules they want to view based on their individual needs. Training modules are approximately 60-90 minutes in length. Some open discussions following the training portion have been omitted for privacy purposes.


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