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Civic Engagement and Education
The Problem

The majority of the public is unaware about the realities threatening our democracy. Fix Democracy First believes Civic Engagement and Education is key to achieve fair elections and government policies that reflect the will of the people and not the power of money.

What Fix Democracy First Is Doing

Fix Democracy First and our Education Fund is actively involved in civic engagement and public education of the issues vital to attaining and maintaining a thriving democracy, where all have easy access to voting, and feel represented in our government. We are dedicated to providing and promoting opportunities for citizens to get more actively involved in democratic processes. FDF also partners with other organizations and groups to promote public forums and other educational opportunities.


We are always looking for ways to expand participation and voter turnout in elections. We have been hosting booths at fairs and festivals providing voter information and registering voters throughout King County and other parts of WA State since 2014. In addition, we are creating a new pilot project that will involve youth as voting and democracy ambassadors in order to expand voter turnout and participation.

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