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Cindy Black
Executive Director

Cindy Black has been the Executive Director of Fix Democracy First since 2016. She was also the Campaign Director for WAmend’s successful statewide 2016 ballot Initiative 735 campaign, making Washington the 18th State to call for a U.S. Constitutional amendment to end court decisions like Citizens United. She is active with several state and national coalitions, addressing voting access, money in elections, alternative voting systems, and increasing civic participation. Cindy is committed to helping pass pro-democracy legislation locally and nationally, as well as building an active citizen’s movement through ongoing coalition building, common sense reforms, and public outreach.

Linda Brewster

Linda is the former WAmend Chair. She grew up in Canada, but moved after graduate school to the United States. After 20 years without a political voice, she became a citizen in 2000, and vowed to roll up her sleeves for the changes she wanted to see. As a psychologist, Linda abhorred the role insurance companies play in the health care she was able to offer her patients and the pre-existing conditions they were saddled with. It was clear to her that big money (and the political leverage that purchases in the US) was impacting the care people were receiving.

Ken Dammand

Ken is a retired Everett firefighter, paramedic and fire captain. He’s been active in Firefighter’s Local 46 and various community groups. In his previous lives, he was the drummer in the 60’s era rock band Fragile Lime, a reluctant soldier, a scholar (Ph.D. in developmental psychology), an adjunct professor, dishwasher, and just about everything in between. He serves on the newsletter committee and chairs the resource development committee.

David Bangs

David Bangs, a retired Microsoft engineer and manager, has focused on Democracy Reform for the last 7 years. David was active in the Honest Elections Seattle ballot campaign, our Initiative 735 effort to Overturn Citizens United, served on the founding committee for the Washington Democracy Hub, and is currently on the boards of both Fix Democracy First and FairVote Washington.

Linda Bock

Linda Bock was born and raised in the southeastern part of the United States and is happy to be a transplant from the right coast to the left coast. Her work with I-735 is her first major foray into the world of politics and was the top signature gatherer, collecting over 21,000 signatures! Every day working with WAmend she is constantly reminded of Margaret Mead’s words to “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” She is truly one of those committed citizens.

Alice Woldt

Alice Woldt is the Board Chair of Fix Democracy First Education Fund (FDFEF). She is the former Fix Democracy First (FDF) Executive Director (2012-2016) and served as board member from 2006-2012 and again from 2016-2018. As chair of the Education Fund she maintains a close relationship with the FDF board. Alice brings a long history of leadership and organizing in the peace and justice, faith and political communities.

Erik Connell

Erik is an Attorney with the law firm Lee Smart. He graduated cum laude from Seattle University School of Law, where he served as the Business and Marketing Editor for the school’s law review and made the Dean’s List. Erik has previously worked on election reform issues as a steering committee member for Fair Elections Seattle’s Proposition 1 campaign, and for FairVote, including in their national headquarters in the Washington, DC area, and as the campaign manager against three ballot measures in Pierce County, Washington. Prior to that, he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Swaziland, working on HIV/AIDS education.

Jim lee

Jim is the founder and Executive Director of the Citizens Institute for Public Policy. He led the “Safer Spokane” campaign to require crude oil shipments through Spokane to have a reduced volatility, which ultimately led to a State law accomplishing the objective statewide. He served on the Board of “Spokane Moves to Amend” (S.M.A.C.), which was the group working for I-735 (and subsequently folded into Fix Democracy First). He is currently working on a project to convert Avista Utilities to a non-profit, customer-owned cooperative. Jim has three grown children and 4 grandchildren.

Juan Vega

Juan Vega is a long-time voting advocate and has been registering and educating voters for more than twelve years. He has been the Lead Coordinator for Voter Registration for Seattle Hempfest since 2009, helping collect more than 10,000 voter registrations in that time. He is dedicated to expanding voter participation and is currently working on a youth civic engagement and outreach program to help train and educate young people to get involved. Juan has two daughters, six grandchildren, and thirteen great grandchildren, and has been a resident of Seattle, Washington since 1968.

Kathy Sakahara

Kathy Sakahara is a lifelong political activist. She ran for the WI House of Representatives at age 23 and has been fascinated by the political process ever since. She has been an advocacy leader with the League of Women Voters of Washington for seven years. She has served as Vice President of Advocacy and currently leads the League’s Democracy Team, and personally lobbies on elections, voting rights, and campaign finance. Kathy had a successful career as a presentation coach and trainer to Fortune 500 executives and technical experts. Her specialty was teaching scientists, engineers and other technical specialists to present complex information in a clear, understandable way that facilitated decision-making. She carried that work into her nonprofit career, providing speakers’ bureau consulting, communication, advocacy, and media training to many progressive nonprofits across Washington.

Norm Conrad

Former chair of the corporate personhood/clean elections committee for’s Seattle Council and former Coordinator for the reported #1 council in MoveOn. Co-founder of WAmend and chair of the committee that wrote I-735. Norm was instrumental in helping write the initiative language and is a great source of historical and constitutional information.

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