Democracy Happy Hour – Febuary 7, 2024

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  • WA Legislative ACTION NEEDED: Contact your legislators to express your support of HB 1932 that would allow Washington state jurisdictions to switch to even-year elections.

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Federal Appeals Court Rejects Trump’s Claim of Absolute Immunity -

What’s Next in the Federal Election Case Against Trump? -

Trump’s D.C. trial removed from March calendar, clearing way for N.Y. case -

Chutkan contemplates Trump trial extending deep into 2024, as case remains in limbo -

Did Trump commit insurrection on Jan. 6? The Supreme Court could decide. -

Can Trump be on the ballot? It’s the Supreme Court’s biggest election test since Bush v. Gore -

What the 14th Amendment says about whether Trump can be on the ballot -

Dozens of House Republicans Declare Trump’s Jan. 6 Actions Were Not Insurrection -

Prosecutors hit back at Trump’s accusations of political bias in classified documents case -

A Guide to the Criminal Cases Against Donald Trump -

Deepfakes, dollars and ‘deep state’ fears: Inside the minds of election officials heading into 2024 -

Bipartisan report seeks ways to counter extreme polarization that has created distrust in elections -

Carter Center and Rice’s Baker Institute Say U.S. Election System Must be a National Priority -

Could Taylor Swift be the biggest election influencer of them all? -

Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country? -

Democrats, Republicans Resort to State Courts as Strategic Tool in 2024 Gerrymandering Battle -

Alabama’s redistricting case set for 2025 trial -

Republicans pass voting center ban in the AZ House -

Unaffiliated voters can help pick GOP’s nominees, federal judge rules -

Voters sue over creation of Louisiana’s second majority-Black congressional district -

Michigan Independent Redistricting Commission Releases House Map Proposals -

Judge dismisses GOP challenge of N.Y.'s vote-by-mail law -

New redistricting lawsuit asks NC courts to say fair elections are a constitutional right, and that gerrymandering violates it -

Ohio Attorney General given until Monday to explain rejection of voting rights amendment to court -

Oregon Supreme Court rules that Republican senators who walked out last year can’t seek reelection -

Project Veritas admits there was no evidence of election fraud at Pennsylvania post office in 2020 -

Wisconsin Supreme Court consultants say Republican-drawn legislative maps are gerrymanders, don’t deserve consideration -

Supreme Court enters election season with politically potent cases -

Biden holds early cash edge, Trump’s legal bills mount and other takeaways from new campaign finance reports -

Trump Leads Biden in Number of Small Donors -

Trump's political action committees spent nearly $50 million on legal bills in 2023, filings show -

Pro-Biden super PAC set to spend up to $40M amplifying Trump's legal woes -

VoteVets Plans $45 Million Push to Lift Biden and Democrats -

Republican National Committee wants Nikki Haley to drop out to boost funds -

TV’s Big Dark (Money) Secret -

New Bill Would Prevent Billionaires From Donating to Dark Money Groups Tax-Free -

OpenSecrets launches first of its kind tool to track spending on state and federal lobbying -

Open Secrets Lobbying Data Summary -

National Voter Corps -

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Sunny Skyz -

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The Happy News -

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