Democracy Happy Hour – March 13, 2024

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Biden and Trump secure their parties’ presidential nominations -

Trump likely to attend hearing in classified documents case on Thursday -

Georgia judge dismisses six charges in Trump election interference case -

Trump seeks delay of hush money trial while Supreme Court weighs immunity bid -

Arizona’s Trump electors subpoenaed in grand jury investigation -

House GOP launches new probe of Jan. 6 and tries shifting blame for Capitol attack away from Trump -

Trump says he'll free Jan. 6 defendants as one of "first acts" if he's elected again -

RNC to add new lawyers focusing on claims of election fraud – including one key figure from 2020 challenges -

Trump campaign insider recounts failed hunt for 2020 fraud in new book -

AI Tools Are Still Generating Misleading Election Images -

America’s election chiefs are worried AI is coming for them -

Spate of Mock News Sites With Russian Ties Pop Up in U.S. -

Disinformation Is Tearing America Apart -

New state laws may affect voter turnout in November elections -

Expanding Voter Registration: Reflections on the Voting Access Executive Order -

Biden calls on Congress to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act -

Preclearance Under the Voting Rights Act -

Senate Rejects GOP Bid to Exclude Non-Citizens from Census Counts Impacting Electoral Representation -

How Colorado women won the right to vote and led the way for all Americans -

Proposed Constitutional Amendment To Block Ranked Choice Voting Fails In Idaho House -

Governor signs bill to remove more people from voter rolls, which could violate federal law -

Lawmakers increase penalty for interfering with Hoosier voters, poll workers -

Maine ballot initiative would set limits on individual contributions to super PACs -

Bill to protect election officials unanimously passes Maryland Senate -

A group plans to challenge election boards nationwide. Maryland’s is the first. -

With bipartisan majority, House passes bill to restore voting rights to people convicted of nonviolent crimes -

Nevada Court Upholds Photo ID Ballot Initiative and Strikes Down Redistricting Initiatives -

Republicans Can’t Restructure North Carolina Election Boards, Judges Rule -

Oregon is one signature away from ending unlimited campaign contributions -

SC Republican lawmakers ask court to put congressional map back into effect -

Federal judge to decide on new Latino voter majority district map -

Republicans Hatched A Secret Assault On The Voting Rights Act In Washington State -

Federal judge orders minority-business agency opened to all races -

Federal courts make it harder to 'judge-shop' as was done in abortion pill case -

State Supreme Court Elections to Watch in 2024 -

In Rare Media Appearance, Leonard Leo Details Dangerous Social Agenda -

Billionaire mega-donors Ken Griffin and the Koch Network tried and failed to make Nikki Haley a presidential contender -

Biden camp looks to reel in Nikki Haley donors -

Trump Scores New Billionaire Donors As Campaign Seeks Badly Needed Cash, Report Says -

Ballot measures shape debates on hot-button issues, drawing millions in outside spending -

Bringing Transparency to the Forefront: Why Sunshine Week Matters Now More Than Ever -

House passes a bill that could lead to a TikTok ban if Chinese owner refuses to sell -

State Court Report – Election 2024 -

Why US elections only give you two choices -

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Sunny Skyz -

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Daily Good -

The Happy News -

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