Democracy Happy Hour – March 20, 2024

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Trump Asks Supreme Court for Absolute Immunity on Election Charges -

Judge rejects bid by Donald Trump to throw out classified documents case on constitutional grounds -

Trump unable to finance an appeal bond for at least $450 million, lawyers say -

Fani Willis can stay on Trump Georgia case, judge rules, as Wade resigns -

Fani Willis accepts resignation of deputy Nathan Wade in Trump Georgia case -

Judge clears way for Trump to appeal ruling keeping Fani Willis on Georgia 2020 election case -

Trump loses bid to block Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels testimony at hush money trial -

Judge rules evidence related to ‘Access Hollywood’ tape admissible in Trump hush money trial -

The Trump Trials: In New York, don’t save the date -

The magnitude of Pence refusing to endorse Trump -

Trump Claims 2024 Will Be Rigged, Putting Republican Turnout at Risk -

The Great Resignation hits Congress: Lawmakers are quitting, too -

Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election. Things went sideways fast. -

Election misinformation is a problem in any language. But some gets more attention than others -

How much will gerrymandering actually affect the 2024 election? -

Racial Gaps in Voter Turnout Are Growing — and Undermining Democracy -

Obscure legal theory could weaken voters’ protections from racist laws -

Why America Needs the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act -

The Expansion of Voting Before Election Day, 2000–2024 -

Free ID’s for voting are now more accessible to Idahoans -

Proposed constitutional amendment to block ranked choice voting fails in Idaho House -

New Louisiana Supreme Court maps with two majority-Black districts advance -

New York State Finalizes Congressional District Map -

Federal judge will not toss voter ID lawsuit, trial scheduled for May 6 -

Experts don’t want ballots hand counted in South Dakota -,74466

In Vermont, ‘Town Meeting’ is democracy embodied. What can the rest of the country learn from it? -

U.S. judge picks new WA legislative map, moving Latino district -

Two Voting Rights Victories Issued in Washington State -

Supreme Court skeptical of restricting government communications with social media companies -

Supreme Court rules public officials can sometimes be sued for blocking critics on social media -

Supreme Court lets ‘insurrectionist’ ban against New Mexico official stand -

Judges, GOP lawmakers slam new policy that limits ‘judge shopping’ -

How Trump Is Scrambling to Raise Cash -

Behind Trump’s campaign cash crunch: Small-dollar donor fatigue, major donor hesitation -

Outside Groups Pledge Over $1 Billion to Aid Biden’s Re-election Effort -

S.E.I.U. Plans $200 Million Effort to Aid Biden and Democrats -

Biden allies form new group to coordinate attacks on third-party candidates -

Unprecedented surge in ‘dark money’ floods 2024 elections -

What Can Improve Democracy? Ideas from people in 24 countries, in their own words -

A milestone in the bridge-building movement -

The Building Civic Bridges Act - Addressing Polarization and Division in the United States -

Building Civic Bridges Act -

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