Democracy Happy Hour – March 27, 2024

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Trump’s New York hush money trial to begin April 15 -

Trump placed under limited gag order ahead of N.Y. hush money trial -

Hurry up and wait: Trump’s classified documents case is mired in delays that may run past election -

Trump wins partial stay of fraud judgment, allowed to post $175 million -

Trump Seeks to Delay Jan. 6 Civil Cases -

‘It’ll be bedlam’: how Trump is creating conditions for a post-election eruption -

Was the 2020 election stolen? Job interviews at RNC take an unusual turn. -

With push from Trump, Republicans plan blitz of election-related lawsuits -

To boost Trump, GOP attorneys general charge into battle over state election rules -

Mass purges are the new voter suppression -

Overworked, underpaid, under attack: on the frontlines in a US election office -

Fearing political violence, more states ban firearms at polling places -

Justice Department: Crackdown on threats to election officials won’t relent -

‘The final act’: fears US journalism crisis could destabilize 2024 election -

Fretting About Election-Year Deep Fakes, States Roll Out New Rules for A.I. Content -

Push for voting rights strengthens amid voter suppression backlash -

Alabama Gov. Key Ivey signs absentee ballot bill amid criticism from voting rights groups -

State department, SBA team up to promote voter registration -

Nebraska lawmakers advance bill to restore voting rights to felons who complete their sentences -

NY's highest court asked to weigh in on NYC’s noncitizen voting law -

A North Dakota ballot question could be a legal test case for political age limits -

Pennsylvania Republicans are at odds over critical mail-in voting measures -

Court Keeps Washington, D.C. Noncitizen Voting Law in Place Despite Right-Wing Challenge -

U.S. Appeals Court won’t block WA’s new legislative district map -

Washington Governor Signs Three Elections Bills -

Gov. Tony Evers signs bills to protect voting officials, bar last-minute polling place closures -

WY purged 86,000 voters, must re-register for presidential election -

Supreme Court hears its biggest abortion case since the fall of Roe -

Supreme Court seems likely to preserve access to the abortion medication mifepristone -

The 5th Circuit Is Rehearing Voting Decisions at an Alarming Rate -

The Supreme Court and Young Voter Turnout -

Supreme Court opens new frontier for insurrection claims that could target state and local officials -

Senators push to bolster security for state and local judges -

Trump leadership PAC racks up millions in legal bills amid courtroom fights -

Trump’s invite to major donors prioritizes the committee paying his legal bills over the RNC -

How Trump Moved Money to Pay $100 Million in Legal Bills -

Leonard Leo, Koch networks pour millions into groups prepping for potential second Trump administration -

US politicians exploit loophole to skirt campaign finance rules, study finds -

Voters Need to Know that “Redboxing” Remains a Widespread Problem -

How a new way of electing the House can change our politics -

House Delegation Unveils Updated Fair Representation Act to Reform Congressional Elections -

Fair Representation Act -

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