Democracy Happy Hour – March 6, 2024

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Discovering Truth: How to Navigate between Fact & Fiction in an Overwhelming Social Media World Links:

Discovering Truth: How to Navigate between Fact & Fiction in an Overwhelming Social Media World -

Tim Love’s World -

Democracy in the News Links:

Biden and Trump dominate Super Tuesday races and move closer to a November rematch -

Nikki Haley suspends her campaign and leaves Donald Trump as the last major Republican candidate -

‘Uncommitted’ Draws Strong Support Against Biden in Minnesota -

Supreme Court rejects Colorado ruling, keeps Trump on ballot nationwide -

Supreme Court narrows the lens as it takes up Trump's immunity claim -

In Taking Up Trump’s Immunity Claim, Supreme Court Bolstered His Delay Strategy -

In Fla. court, Trump’s lawyers urge Cannon to hold trial after election -

Judges in Trump-related cases face unprecedented wave of threats -

Appeals court ruling means over 100 Jan. 6 rioters may be resentenced -

Wisconsin fake elector settlement offers new details on the strategy by Trump lawyers -

Mitch McConnell to step down as Republican Senate leader in November -

Sen. Warner: US is less prepared to secure the 2024 election than 2020 -

Chatbots’ inaccurate, misleading responses about US elections threaten to keep voters from polls -

Trump’s Allies Ramp Up Campaign Targeting Voter Rolls -

States ditched an election partnership. Voters will feel the consequences. -

Election Officials Seek to Bolster Public Trust -

Standards of Conduct for Election & Registration Officials -

20 years of data shows no link between mailed ballots and illegal voting -

Republicans’ voter suppression obsession may end up helping ... Democrats? -

Racial Turnout Gap Has Widened With a Weakened Voting Rights Act, Study Finds -

Growing Racial Disparities in Voter Turnout, 2008–2022 -

Senate Dems Reintroduce Bill to 'Restore Critical Safeguards' of Voting Rights Act -

Vice President Kamala Harris Outlines Strategy To Protect Voting Rights Nationwide -

Judge Upholds Parts of Arizona Law Requiring Voters to Prove Citizenship -

Bid to stop dark money law is dismissed by judge, again -

Federal judge rules Florida can't ban noncitizens from registering voters -

Ninth Circuit: First Amendment doesn’t protect senators who walked out from consequences -

The future is now: 16- and 17-year-olds win the right to vote in local elections in a Vermont town -

Alabama IVF ruling highlights importance of state supreme court races in this year’s US elections -

US Supreme Court seeks security funding to protect justices, homes -

2024 Presidential Candidates' Top Contributors -

Republican candidates outpace Democrats in self-funding campaigns -

Yes, Trump’s PACs really can pay his legal fees -

Nearly two-thirds of Americans say reducing influence of political spending is a top priority: Poll -

New Study Tells Compelling Story of Support for Various Election and Voting Policies -

Bipartisan Support for Early In-Person Voting, Voter ID, Election Day National Holiday -

Braver Angels - Trustworthy Elections Campaign -

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Politics & Government Good News -

Good News Network -

Sunny Skyz -

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Daily Good -

The Happy News -

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