Democracy Happy Hour – May 1, 2024

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Creating Local Democracy Hubs to Strengthen Communities Links:

Five Strategies to Support U.S. Democracy -


Inter Movement Impact Project / GENERATE DEMOCRACY! / Local DEMOCRACY HUBS (Explainer Doc) -

Civic Genius - It’s Your America -

Can informed citizens save a democracy in decline? w/ Eric Liu and Andrew Yang -

Mapping Civic Measurement: How are we assessing readiness and opportunities for an engaged citizenry? -

Dynamic Equilibrium -

Want to Help Communities Thrive? Invest in Residents Eager to Disrupt the Status Quo. -

Reinventing Democracy: How Hometowns Are Strengthening America -

Our Common Purpose - Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century -

Commission on the Practice of Democratic Citizenship -

Civic Nation -

Change Collective - building a new community of local changemakers -

Transforming Conflict on College Campuses -

The Trust Network: An Example of Massively Parallel Peacebuilding in Action -

Better Arguments Project - American civic life doesn’t need fewer arguments; it needs better arguments. -

Democracy in the News Links:

Supreme Court seems poised to allow Trump Jan. 6 trial, but not immediately -

Four takeaways from Supreme Court hearing on Trump’s claim to immunity -

Judge holds Trump in contempt, fines him $9,000 and raises threat of jail in hush money trial -

David Pecker gave prosecutors just what they were looking for in Trump hush money testimony -

Ex-attorney for Daniels and McDougal testifies in Trump trial -

Lawyer for Stormy Daniels Says He Believed Trump Was Behind Hush-Money Talks -

Trump, Venting About Lawyer in His Criminal Trial, Seeks More Aggression -

How Far Trump Would Go -

Cease-fire talks come at a key moment as Biden faces growing campus protests -

Attorneys inside and outside the administration urge Biden to cut off arms to Israel -

How Films Like ‘Civil War’ Can Spark Important Conversations and Help Defeat the ‘Outrage Industrial Complex’ -

Local Election Officials Survey — May 2024 -

Cash-strapped election offices have fewer resources after bans on private grants -

Noncitizens Are Not Voting in Federal or State Elections — Here’s Why -

Latino voters are coveted by both major parties. They also are a target for election misinformation -

Alaska ballot petitions in the works to mandate hand counting, in-person voting -

Meadows, Giuliani and other Trump allies charged in Arizona 2020 election probe -

Top GOP ‘election integrity’ lawyer charged in Arizona fake elector scheme -

Arizona Court Rejects Right-Wing Challenges to Drop Boxes and Signature Matching Rules -

U.S. court asked to reconsider ruling upholding DeSantis’ quashing of Black congressional seat -

Florida asks court to dismiss lawsuit challenging Senate redistricting plan -

Cyberattack forces Georgia county to sever connection to state voter registration system -

Federal judges strike down La. congressional map with second Black-majority district -

New York Appellate Court To Hear GOP Challenge to Mail-In Voting Law -

Citizen-Led Redistricting Reform Ballot Initiative in Ohio -

Three counties will vote on banning ballot tabulator machines, requiring hand-counting -

WA ranks 10th in nation for voter turnout, new data shows -

How WA Republicans, Democrats are trying to bridge political divides -

Who Is Targeting State Supreme Courts to Limit Our Freedoms -

Watchdog Group Accuses Trump Campaign of Violating Finance Law -

Trump’s Committees Appear to be Concealing Legal Expense Payments -

Senate Democrats dominate in first quarter fundraising  -

How online donations are fueling the election -

Small Donor Public Financing Can Help More Women Get Elected -

As Congress Debates Bipartisan Social Media Safeguards, Tech Giants Dig In -

AI Regulation Has Strong Bipartisan Approval -

Do countries with better-funded public media also have healthier democracies? Of course they do -

2024 Edelman Trust Barometer -

Public Media: Per Capita Spend -,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Americans’ Trust in Media -,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/

Healthy Democracies Need to Invest in Civic Education. Here’s How States Can Help -

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Politics & Government Good News -

Good News Network -

Sunny Skyz -

ABC Good News -

Daily Good -

The Happy News -

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