Democracy Happy Hour – April 12, 2023

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  • Apr 19th - WA Legislative Recap: What passed? What's next?
  • April 26th - Local Intersections: Working Together to Strengthen Democracy with Caleb Christen
  • May 3rd - Pinion: How Everyday People Can Help Transform Civic Engagement for Healthier Democracy w/ Scott Pierce & Evan Mastronardi


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Democracy in the News Links:


A dizzying, divisive week in politics spotlights America’s raging battle -


While pinning Trump case to campaign laws, Bragg eyes a backup plan -


Trump’s calls to protest fall on weary, wary ears. -


New York judge in Trump arraignment reportedly receives ‘dozens’ of threats -


Manhattan district attorney sues Republican lawmaker Jordan over Trump case -


Trump’s criminal case in New York may collide with the 2024 campaign -

Jan. 6 rioters can be prosecuted for obstructing Congress, court rules -


Texts between D.C. police and Proud Boys head shown at Jan. 6 trial -


National security officials tell special counsel Trump was repeatedly warned he did not have the authority to seize voting machines -


Georgia Looms Next After Trump’s Indictment in New York -


Former AG Bill Barr says Trump should be 'most concerned' about the classified documents investigation: 'He was jerking the government around' -


Trump says he'd "never drop out" of 2024 race, even if convicted -


Judge rules that Fox News pushed lies about Dominion in 2020 election fraud case -


Judge chides Fox News over ‘missing’ Murdoch documents but refuses ‘remedy’ -


Attacks on Dominion Voting Persist Despite High-Profile Lawsuits -


Key conservative group joins attacks on partnership that improves voter rolls -


Election officials have ideas for stopping a 2024 crisis before it even starts -


Lawmakers to ask AZ voters to block ranked-choice voting in 2024 -


With more costs to come, Shasta County will spend $950,000 on new voting system -


Florida Lawmakers Propose Wide-Ranging Changes in Elections Laws. Here's Who Could Be Impacted -


Idaho becomes first state to restrict interstate travel for abortions -


North Carolina Republicans want to eliminate grace period for counting mail-in ballots -


Tennessee House GOP expels 2 Democrats in retaliation over gun control protest, on ‘sad day for democracy’ -


Tenn. GOP deepens racial tension after expelling Black lawmakers -


Justin Jones returns to state legislature after unanimous Nashville Council appointment -


Memphis commissioners reappoint ousted representative Justin Pearson to Tennessee House -


Tennessee expulsions prompt Senate Democrats to call for DOJ inquiry -


How redistricting brought Tennessee to this moment -


Hounded by baseless voter fraud allegations, an entire county's election staff quits in Virginia -


For over 20 years, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has been treated to luxury vacations by billionaire Republican donor Harlan Crow -


Justice Thomas: Advisers said no need to report travel with GOP donor -


Who is Harlan Crow, the GOP megadonor who vacations with Justice Thomas? -


Thomas Pushed To Kill Disclosure Laws While Getting Secret Billionaire Gifts -

Congress Members Announce Hearing, Demand Chief Justice Investigate Clarence Thomas’ Trips -


Does the Supreme Court need a code of ethics? -


Inside Senate Democrats' effort to force Supreme Court ethics code -


With Dueling Rulings, Abortion Pill Cases Appear Headed to the Supreme Court -


Justice Department appeals Texas abortion pill ruling -


With Dueling Rulings, Abortion Pill Cases Appear Headed to the Supreme Court -


A liberal just won the Wisconsin Supreme Court race. Republicans are already talking about impeaching her. -


Republicans can't simply remove a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice -


Wisconsin Supreme Court race was the most expensive state judicial election in U.S. history -


Trump’s campaign raised more money around federal indictment than presidential announcement -


Trump Ignores Deadline for Personal Financial Disclosure to F.E.C. -

How Koch Cash Is Bankrolling the Effort to Kill Big Tech Reform -


Insurance Lobbyists Force Government to Heel on Medicare Advantage -


In healthcare’s game of Monopoly, one player will control the board -


America’s First Dark Money Ballot Line -


How did Americans come to trust markets more than government? -


LEVER TIME PREMIUM: Who Created America’s Free Market Mythology? -


Economic Democracy Explained: Deconcentrating Corporate Power -


More ranked-choice voting bans considered in 2023 legislative sessions than previous years -


Is Proportional Representation On the Way? -


Share Your Democracy Story -


Model the civility and civic behaviors we want the next generation to learn -

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5:00 pm
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