Democracy Happy Hour – August 2, 2023

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WA State Elections Results for Aug 2023 Primary -

The Future of AI & Its Potential Impact on Democracy Links:

Democracy in the News Links

Trump Indictments/Legal Cases:


Trump indicted for efforts to overturn 2020 election and block transfer of power -


Here are the four Jan. 6 charges against Trump and what they mean -


Read the full text of the 45-page Trump Jan. 6 indictment document -


Trump is charged under civil rights law used to prosecute KKK violence -


Special Counsel Federal Criminal Indictment For 2020 Election Overthrow Efforts -


Former president to be arraigned on 2020 election charges -


Trump Jan. 6 Indictment Relies Heavily on House Panel’s Work -


4 things that stand out from the Trump Jan. 6 indictment -


Donald Trump’s January 6 indictment: six key takeaways -


Trump Indictment - Jan. 6 Riot Was ‘Fueled by Lies’ From Trump, Special Counsel Says -


How Trump allegedly tried to leverage the Capitol riot -


Trump indictment references Pence or vice presidency more than 100 times -


Pence fought an order to testify but now is a central figure in his former boss’s indictment -


Here are the Trump co-conspirators described in the DOJ indictment -


Timeline: Special counsel's probe into Trump's efforts to overturn 2020 election -


Judge Tanya Chutkan is a tough Trump critic, toughest Jan. 6 sentencer -


Trump has been indicted before. Historians say this time is different. -


Trump faces more charges in classified documents case as second aide named -


Read Trump’s new charges in the classified documents case -


New Trump Charges Highlight Long-Running Questions About Obstruction -


Judge rejects Trump’s effort to short-circuit Georgia election case -


Fulton County DA says 'we're ready to go' on Trump election probe charging decisions -


Atlanta braces for possible indictments in 2020 election investigation -


Donald Trump to appear in court over attempt to overturn 2020 US election -


Understanding the Trump Criminal Cases -


Judge rules Trump false election claims while in office covered by presidential immunity -


Indict, Rally, Repeat: Reactions to Latest Trump Charges Follow Familiar Script: Core Republican voters and key lawmakers again stick by former president, while the 2024 GOP field is divided -


Why Trump's poll lead went up after criminal indictments -

$60 Million Refund Request Shows Financial Pressure on Trump From Legal Fees -


One Trump committee nearly broke, and other key takeaways from campaign filings -

Other Democracy News:


'Local elections are at risk': Warnock reintroduces legislation to stop election interference -


‘Ripe for political violence’: US election officials are quitting at an alarming rate -


Election disinformation campaigns targeted voters of color in 2020. Experts expect 2024 to be worse -


Need extra money? Poll workers are in demand and getting a pay raise before the 2024 election. -


Nonpartisan Election Administration Is the Norm in Other Democracies. Why Not Here? -


Litigation That Could Impact Congressional Maps Before 2024 -


Plaintiffs in high-profile redistricting case urge judges to toss out Alabama’s controversial congressional map -


Judge blocks Arkansas law allowing librarians to be criminally charged over ‘harmful’ materials -


Federal Judge Dismisses Fringe Challenge to California Mail-in Voting Rules -


San Francisco Renews Push for Noncitizen Voting -


Ron DeSantis sued over bid to restrict voting rights for people with past convictions -


DeSantis is defending new slavery teachings. Civil rights leaders see a pattern of ‘policy violence’ -


Federal judge sides with voting groups in drawing new Miami election map -


Georgia - Republican promoters of election fraud falsehoods approve ballot hand-counts -


Michigan Republicans charged in connection with 2020 voting machine tampering -


Federal judge blocks Mississippi law restricting help for absentee voters -


Campaign filings show nearly $20 million contributed to official Issue 1 campaigns; 84% from outside Ohio -


Ohio amendment to curb ‘out-of-state special interests’ gets nearly all its funding from them -


A test case challenging election results in Texas’ biggest county follows a post-Trump playbook -


How a Wisconsin official became ‘a scapegoat’ for voter fraud falsehoods -


Wisconsin Republicans Face Purge as Democrats Look to Redraw Election Maps -


States’ rights make a comeback as Republicans rush to defy Washington -


Alito says Congress has no authority to police Supreme Court ethics -


Democratic senator calls Samuel Alito ‘stunningly wrong’ on Supreme Court ethics controversy -


Biden, Trump outraising party rivals -


Robert F Kennedy Jr’s campaign bankrolled by Republican mega-donor -


No Labels Funnels Finance Money to Congress -


ALEC Ditches Free Market and Limited Government Principles at its 50th Annual Meeting -


Corporate campaign cash floods back into election objectors’ coffers -


Seattle City Council hopefuls raise $1.8M, largely in Democracy Vouchers -


Oakland’s Democracy Dollars delayed, but not dead -


‘Project 2025’: plan to dismantle US climate policy for next Republican president -


Warren, Graham partner in proposing new agency to regulate tech giants -


A pro-democracy group says regulators should say "no dice" to election betting -


The Biden Appointee Spearheading AI Accountability Has Close Ties To Google -


Meta's Threads needs a policy for election disinformation, voting groups say -



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