Democracy Happy Hour – August 23, 2023

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Democracy Happy Hour Upcoming Topics/Schedule:

  • Aug 30th - Forward Party: Reforms & Strategies with Darin Foster
  • Sept 6 - Election Security & Protecting Election Workers (Tentative)
  • Sept 13 - WA Public Disclosure Commission with Sean Flynn & Kim Bradford
  • Sept 20 - The Role of State Courts in Protecting Our Democracy (Tentative)
  • Sept 27 - CANCELED - No Democracy Happy Hour this week


Federal Election Commission – Submit your comments on amending regulation to include deliberately deceptive Artificial Intelligence in campaign ads -

Power the Polls -

Common Power & Goodwill Voter Registration Drives -

American Democracy Summit 2023 – Sept 27-29 in Los Angeles -

Citizen Connect -

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Democracy in the News Links

Judge approves $200,000 bond for Trump in Georgia election case -

Trump says he will surrender Thursday on Georgia charges tied to efforts to overturn 2020 election -

Attorney John Eastman surrenders on charges in Trump’s Georgia 2020 election subversion case -

Rudy Giuliani surrenders in Fulton County -

Georgia election indictment highlights wider attempts to illegally access voting equipment -

Names and addresses of Trump jurors in Georgia posted on rightwing websites -

Authorities investigating threats to grand jurors who indicted Trump in Georgia -

FBI joins investigation of threats to grand jurors in Trump Georgia case -

Trump asks to push Jan. 6 trial beyond 2024 election — to April 2026 -

Trump and his allies double down on election lies after indictments for trying to undo 2020 results -

The Constitution Prohibits Trump From Ever Being President Again -

Pence Undercuts Trump’s Defense in Classified Documents Case -

Meadows told special counsel he could not recall Trump ever declassifying Mar-a-Lago docs: Sources -

Witness in Trump documents case changed lawyers and then his testimony, prosecutors say -

Trump won’t be at the GOP’s first presidential debate. But his presence will be felt -

Trump’s plan to skip debate shields him from legal exposure -

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump reunite to try to upstage Fox News -

Where the 2024 candidates stand on elections, democracy and Jan. 6 -

Trump touts authoritarian vision for second term: ‘I am your justice’ -

Trump indictment underscores election security risk for 2024 -

Democratic Group Plans $10 Million Push to Protect Election Officials -

Inside the right’s effort to build a voter fraud hunting tool -

American democracy is cracking. These forces help explain why. -

Fight over felons' voting rights heats up for 2024 -

Alabama congressional map battle now in hands of three-judge panel -

Supreme Court sides with Miami commissioners in ongoing redistricting dispute -

New vote-by-mail changes might mean fewer Floridians use the ballots -

Judge strikes down Georgia law banning food, drinks in voting lines -

More than 180K Georgia voters at risk of being labeled 'inactive' -

New Louisiana Legislature app wins national award for promoting 'online democracy' -

Sweeping election law changes moving forward again in NC legislature, ahead of 2024 elections -

Watchdogs And Redistricting Experts File Brief In Challenge To New Mexico’s Congressional Maps -

Challenge to election law heads to Texas Supreme Court -

Court Finds that Texas Law Requiring the Rejection of Mail Ballots and Applications Violates the Civil Rights Act -

South Carolina League of Women Voters argues state congressional map is racially gerrymandered  -

Attorney for 2020 gubernatorial candidate Loren Culp suspended for ‘frivolous’ vote-fraud claims -

School board elections across the nation are being stormed by conservatives demanding more 'parental rights' — including Spokane Valley's Central Valley School District -

SCOTUS ruling opens door to limit LGBTQ+ civil rights -

AI cannot hold copyright, federal judge rules -

Super PACs raise millions as concerns about illegal campaign coordination raise questions -

Party-aligned groups funnel millions in ‘dark money’ to closely-tied super PACs ahead of 2024 election -

D.C. Attorney General is probing Leonard Leo’s network -

New FedSoc Filing Shows Leo’s Circular Profit Scheme at Work -

As ranked choice voting gains momentum, parties in power push back -

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