Democracy Happy Hour – August 24, 2022

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  • Aug 31 – Youth Involvement to Strengthen Democracy
  • Sept 7 - Why Do We Need the Separation of Church & State?
  • Sept 14 - Minority Rule: How did we get here?
  • Sept 21 - Benefits & Types of Public Funding for Elections
  • Sept 28 - Next U.S. Supreme Court Session: What can we expect?



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Never Before in American History: The F.B.I. Searches a Former President’s Home -


FBI’s Mar-a-Lago search followed months of resistance, delay by Trump -


Mar-a-Lago Boxes Had More Than 700 Pages of Classified Papers, National Archives Letter Says -


Trump seeks special master to review seized Mar-a-Lago materials -


Judge gives Trump until Friday to better explain why he wants a special master for Mar-a-Lago documents -


Trump Tells His Lawyers: Get ‘My’ Top Secret Documents Back -


Trump’s turbulent White House years culminate in Fla. Search -


Inside the War Between Trump and His Generals -


Trump, Without the Presidency’s Protections, Struggles for a Strategy -


Court orders release of DOJ memo on Trump obstruction in Mueller probe -


Jan. 6 Panel Questions Trump Cabinet Members on 25th Amendment Talks -


Jan. 6 panel investigators traveled to Copenhagen to view Stone footage -


Giuliani says he ‘satisfied’ obligation with Ga. grand jury -


Files copied from voting systems were shared with Trump supporters, election deniers -


How Trump’s Endorsements Elevate Election Lies and Inflate His Political Power -


Six drastic plans Trump is already promising for a second term -


Election deniers march toward power in key 2024 battlegrounds -


Election Deniers Go Door-to-Door to Confront Voters After Losses -


Oversight Committee Report Reveals How Election Lies Endanger Election Workers and American Democracy -


Historians privately warn Biden that America’s democracy is teetering -


State Legislatures Are Torching Democracy -


States Are Bracing for Social Media-Enabled Election Violence -


Election officials brace for onslaught of poll watchers -


Threats to democracy top list of issues facing US: poll -


UW professor outlines how states went from the laboratories of democracy to working against it -

Voting rights in the United States: A state-by-state analysis -


Republicans Turn Against the League of Women Voters -


‘This is crackpot stuff’: Election fraud mania reaches the trenches of democracy -


Democracy not dying: WA has 3rd highest voter turnout in nation -


A new, powerful signal that Dems’ midterm hopes aren’t lost -


Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Georgia Election Law Said to Harm Black Voters -


Maps in Four States Were Ruled Illegal Gerrymanders. They’re Being Used Anyway. -


NC Supreme Court says lawmakers voted into office through gerrymandered districts may have limited authority in amending state constitution -


Gerrymandering lawsuit moves forward in Utah; judge rules no need to wait for U.S. Supreme Court -


Can computer simulations help fix democracy? -


Kansas was just the beginning: Abortion-rights activists turn to states — and they're winning -


Twenty states, D.C. join in opposing Texas lawsuit on emergency abortion care -


Title X advocates worry that birth control may go the same way as abortion -


Redistricting, abortion supercharge state Supreme Court races -


Judge blocks Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’ restrictions for private companies -


Supreme Court climate ruling ignites deregulatory challenges -


Democrats Designed the Climate Law to Be a Game Changer. Here’s How. -

Term limits for justices gain new attention, but prospects for passage remain dim -


An Unusual $1.6 Billion Donation Bolsters Conservatives -


How a Secretive Billionaire Handed His Fortune to the Architect of the Right-Wing Takeover of the Courts -


‘It’s a rip-off’: GOP spending under fire as Senate hopefuls seek rescue -


Two “dark money” groups bankrolled a “pop-up” super PAC spending millions on GOP primaries -


Conservative nonprofit plans to spend millions bashing ‘woke’ left in midterms -


'Can I count on you?' Trump revs up fundraising pitches after FBI's Mar-a-Lago search -


Liz Cheney converted her House campaign-finance committee to a leadership PAC hours after losing her primary, filing shows -


Liz Cheney Says New Political Group Will Target Trump Allies -


The Koch network and other Trump allies are quietly backing his biggest GOP critic: Rep. Liz Cheney -


How a top US business lobby promised climate action – but worked to block efforts -


Facebook parent Meta seeks to kill transparency requirements in Washington’s campaign finance law -


Don’t let Facebook off the hook for political ad transparency -


As Partisan Hostility Grows, Signs of Frustration With the Two-Party System -


The state of democracy and how to defend it -




Restoring voting rights is an important step in rehabilitation process -


What Washington's SoS candidates think of ranked-choice voting -




Broadening Donor Participation in Local Elections -

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5:00 pm
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July 24, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 24, 2024

Topic: Civic Language Perceptions Project: How Civic Language Unites, Divides, & Motivates American Voters with Amy McIsaac, PACE. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

July 31, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 31, 2024

Topic: Saving Democracy: A User's Manual for Every American with David Pepper. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

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