Democracy Happy Hour - August 26, 2020

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Fix Democracy First hosts a weekly Democracy Happy Hour on Wednesdays @ 5-6pm PT. Grab a drink and join us and  learn about the latest democracy efforts, challenges, solutions, as well upcoming events and actions.

Recording from Wednesday, August 12th, 2020:

Article & Report Links:

USPS debuts election information site and plans to send letters to 'every American' amid vote-by-mail furor -

2020 Poll: College students favor Biden and mail-in voting, but worry about election legitimacy -

How to turn out the new generation of American voters for this election -

Right to Vote: The Case for Expanding the Right to Vote in the U.S. Constitution -  

Judge blocks use of ranked voting in Maine presidential balloting -

Matt Dunlap may contest decision putting GOP ranked-choice voting challenge on Maine ballot -

Leadership Now Project -

2020 Major Pro-Democracy Campaigns -

Follow the Money: Transparency & Disclosure in Elections Links:


What is ‘dark money’? 5 questions answered -

How Companies Spend -

Covert Foreign Money: Financial Loopholes Exploited by Authoritarians to Fund Political Interference in Democracies -

Full Disclosure: How Campaign Finance Disclosure Laws Fail to Inform Voters and Stifle Public Debate -

FEC Individual Contributions -

Donor Disclosure Requirements Expand After Supreme Court Order -

Open Secrets -

National Institute on Money in Politics -

Follow the Money -

Campaign Finance Links -

WA Public Disclosure Commission -

Washington State DISCLOSE Act of 2018 – SB 5991 – Passed in 2018

WA State PAC to PAC Disclosure – HB 1379 – Passed in 2019

Dark Money documentary -

FDF Events & Links:

Fix Democracy First Virtual Volunteer Meeting – Next meeting, September 10th @ 6-7 pm -

2020 Vision: Picturing Real Democracy – Week of Special Events  - Sept 11-18th

• Online Auction - September 11-18th

• SPECIAL Democracy Happy Hour - September 16th @ 5 pm PT

• 2020 Virtual Awards Ceremony - September 17th @ 6 pm PT

• Main Speaker Event w/ Lawrence Lessig - September 18th @ 6 pm PT

Media & Democracy: Time for a Reset – Sept 24th @ 6-7:30 pm PT -

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August 26, 2020
3:00 pm
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