Democracy Happy Hour – August 9, 2023

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  • Aug 16th - The Decline of Local News and Its Impact on Democracy with Dee Anne Finken & Carol Rikerd, LWVWA  
  • Aug 23rd - Veterans for Political Innovation with Todd Connor
  • Aug 30th - Forward Party: Reforms & Strategies with Darin Foster


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Trump pleads not guilty to charges that he plotted to overturn election -


Prosecutors seek to prevent Trump from sharing January 6 case evidence -


Prosecutors cite Trump’s social media posts as they seek limits on handling of evidence -


Special counsel got a search warrant for Twitter to turn over info on Trump’s account, documents say -


Trump says he will seek a recusal, venue change in Jan. 6 case -


‘Fake’ elector plot raised concerns over legal peril, indictment shows -


What to know about the Trump 'fake electors' scheme in the 2020 election -


House Democrats push for televising Trump trials on classified documents, 2020 charges -


Could Trump pardon himself if he became president? Key questions and scenarios amid criminal charges -


Fulton county prosecutors to seek new 2020 election charges next week -


Trump political operation steers $130 million in donor money to cover legal fees -


Election disinformation campaigns targeted voters of color in 2020. Experts expect 2024 to be worse -


Republicans Are Targeting the Youth Vote in 2024, But Students Are Fighting Back -


Bills limiting student voter access put colleges on the front lines of democracy -


Some states are trying to boost youth voter registration. Here's what they're doing -


Redistricting battles could determine control of US House in 2024 -


Status of Partisan Gerrymandering Litigation in State Courts -


The fight over Alabama’s congressional redistricting now shifts back to federal court -


Cartographer appointed in Alabama congressional redistricting case -


Colorado Republicans reject rule change that would have made it easier to close GOP primary, leaving out unaffiliated voters -


Miami map battle goes to U.S. Supreme Court after city wins appeal -


Renewed call for paper ballots in Georgia flares up at crowded State Election Board meeting -


3rd Trump ally charged with vote machine tampering as Michigan 2020 election case grows -


Jim Crow-era lifetime ban on felons voting is unconstitutional, court rules -


Ohio voters reject measure that would have made it harder to change constitution -


Tennessee lawmakers expelled by GOP win back state House seats -


Federal Appeals Court Undercuts First Amendment Protest Rights -


Supreme Court allows Biden administration’s ‘ghost gun’ restrictions -


Senate Democrats ask for Alito to be recused from Supreme Court ethics and tax cases -


Supreme Court approval mired at record low: Gallup -


The Legal Assault on Corporate Diversity Efforts Has Begun -


2024 presidential candidates are burning cash fast -


Biden primed to benefit from millions in secretive donations from his outside super PAC, records indicate -


R.F.K.-Aligned Super PAC Draws Heavily From a Republican Megadonor -


Congressional leadership rakes in millions ahead of ‘most expensive election in history’ -


Artificial Intelligence Legislation Tracker -


Forget banning books — a rural WA county may close its library -

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