Democracy Happy Hour — December 14, 2022

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  • Dec 21 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Dec 28 NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Jan 4 – January 6th: Two Years Later
  • Jan 11 – Democracy Legislation in 2023: What Can We Expect?
  • Jan 18 – The Influence of Fossil Fuel Lobbyists w/ James Browning from Global Energy Monitor


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House passes landmark legislation to protect same-sex, interracial marriages -

Biden Signs Bill to Protect Same-Sex Marriage Rights -

What the Jan. 6 select committee’s final report will look like -

Breaking down the Jan. 6 committee’s possible referrals — criminal and beyond -

Jan. 6 select committee announces final public meeting Monday -

Trump among five targets as Jan. 6 panel weighs criminal referrals -

January 6 committee considers criminal referrals for at least 4 others besides Trump -

Obstruction Charge Takes Center Stage at Jan. 6 Court Hearing -

Mark Meadows Exchanged Texts With 34 Members Of Congress About Plans To Overturn The 2020 Election -

Leaked List Shows Over 300 Oath Keepers Have Worked for Homeland Security -

Justice Department asks judge to hold Trump team in contempt over Mar-a-Lago case -

Lawmakers said to be on verge of a bipartisan omnibus agreement -

Schumer: Omnibus expected to include Electoral Count Act, Ukraine funding -

Reforming the Electoral Count Act remains critical to ensuring free and fair presidential elections -

Congress has so much to do before Christmas -

Kyrsten Sinema Says She Will Leave the Democratic Party -

Republicans have a post-election epiphany on mail voting -

Texas Republicans propose a Florida-style election police force as it tees up more changes to voting laws -

Onslaught of new abortion restrictions looms in reddest of states -

Legislative Assaults on State Courts — December 2022 Update -

Supreme Court majority questions massive shift of election authority -

Supreme Court seems poised to reject robust reading of ‘independent state legislature’ theory -

Court seems unwilling to embrace broad version of “independent state legislature” theory -

Majority of Supreme Court appears opposed to fully embracing ‘independent state legislature theory’ -

Supreme Court leans toward limiting judicial scrutiny of U.S. elections -

House hearing airs ethics allegations against Supreme Court -

Advocate tells lawmakers of ‘stealth’ efforts to influence Supreme Court -

Ad spending reached $7.8 billion for midterms -

State ballot measures attracted $945 million during 2022 midterm elections -

Leonard Leo’s mysterious $200 million dark money war chest -

Inside the secret $32M effort to stop ‘Stop the Steal’ -

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried indicted on campaign finance violations as House Financial Services Committee probes new CEO -

Democrats Urge Biden to Make Federal Contractors Disclose Dark Money Spending -

‘Dark money in politics an even darker place’ now, judges warn -

Georgia secretary of state calls for end to runoff elections -

Ranking Presidents: How Ranked-Choice Voting Can Improve Presidential Primaries -

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