Democracy Happy Hour - Feb. 02, 2021

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02/03/2021 Topic: The Filibuster

[Corrected Link from Meeting] Senator Bernie Sanders' speech on February 3rd:

* Democracy Happy Hour, February 3, 2021 - The Filibuster - Meeting Recordings & Chat:

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02/10/21 - Democracy & Capitalism

02/17/21 - Civic Education & Impact on Democracy

02/24/21 - Redistricting & Gerrymandering (May be canceled due to Democracy Lobby Week events)

Becoming a Democracy ROUND 2 w/ Kristin Eberhard – February 18th @ 6 pm PT -

Democracy Lobby Week – Feb 22-26:

“Dark Money” Film Discussion with Meaningful Movies at First Church – Feb 28th @ 12 pm PT:

Speak Up School series with Delta Gamma Kappa & LWV:

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In the News & Election Links:

African American History Month -

U.S. government's corruption score gets even worse in global rating -


Republican lawmakers want to use pro-Trump rioters to undermine peaceful protest -

Lawmakers in Florida and other states want felony penalties for protesters -

State lawmakers make both voting easements and restrictions a legislative priority -

Arizona GOP lawmaker introduces bill to give Legislature power to toss out election results -

Corporate America Reckons with Its Role Enabling Trump -

Pause in Corporate PAC Spending Triggers Political Pushback -

An Open Letter to Corporate America: Cease Political Spending Now -


HB 1156 – WA State Local Options bill – Hearing in House State Government & Tribal Relations scheduled on Monday, Feb 8th @ 1:30 pm -

Amanda Gorman is not only an inspiring poet, but a civic futurist -

League of Women Voters Washington: Civics education is crucial to making our democracy work -

Census delay sends redistricting ripples nationwide -

The Gerrymander Battles Loom, as G.O.P. Looks to Press Its Advantage -

Biden urged to create commission on trust in democracy -

How Cities Are Reimagining Our Democracy -

How to Restore and Strengthen the Voting Rights Act -

Annotated Guide to the For the People Act of 2021 -

The Peril and Promise of Redistricting Reform in H.R. 1 -

Transparency is for government. Privacy is for people. -

Oppose HR 1 Letter -

The Filibuster Links:

Filibuster – Wikipedia -

The origins of the filibuster—and how it came to exasperate the U.S. Senate -

The Senate Filibuster Is Another Monument to White Supremacy -

Obama: The filibuster is a “Jim Crow relic” -

'Kill Switch' Explores How Senate Minority Uses Filibuster To Protect Its Interests -

All the Lies They Told Us About the Filibuster -

The Impact of the Filibuster on Federal Policymaking -

Number of senate filibusters by minority party from 1917-2012, by party -

What Democrats Can’t Do As Long As The Filibuster Remains In Place — And What They Can -

The Case Against the Filibuster -

Time to Deal with the Filibuster -

Explainer: what is the filibuster and why do some Democrats want to get rid of it? -

The Decision That Will Define Democrats for a Decade -

Say Goodbye to the Senate Filibuster -

Senate filibuster fight cools for now, but battles ahead -

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February 3, 2021
5:00 pm
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March 3, 2021
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