Democracy Happy Hour – February 16, 2022

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • Feb 23rd – Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud
  • Mar 2nd – Redistricting Updates & Final WA Maps

FDF – Current Democracy Legislation -

WON (Women in Office Now) – Training Modules to help run for office will start March 8th -

Sign the petition to close the Citizens United Loophole. -


The Advance of Authoritarianism in the U.S. Links:

Authoritarianism – Wikipedia -

1/4 of Americans qualify as highly 'right-wing authoritarian,' new poll finds -

A new low for global democracy -

Global State of Democracy Report 2021 -

The United States of Authoritarianism -

‘Completely uncharted territory’: The threat to US democracy in 2024 -

Do You Know What It Is to Live Under Authoritarianism? -

The rise of American authoritarianism -

Your brain on authoritarianism: The inside forces that drive people to turn on democracy -

Call it authoritarianism - The Republican Party has embraced an agenda that rigs the rules in their favor. There’s a name for that behavior. -

U.S. Conservatives Are Uniquely Inclined Toward Right-Wing Authoritarianism Compared to Western Peers -

Combatting Authoritarianism: The Skills and Infrastructure Needed to Organize Across Difference -

Drivers of Authoritarian Populism in the United States -

Authoritarian Repression Anywhere Is a Threat to Democracy Everywhere -

We Surveyed Experts on Democracy. They’re Worried About the U.S. Turning Even More Authoritarian. -

Haviland Smith: Are we on the cusp of authoritarianism? -

Election reforms needed to fend off authoritarianism, per new report -

ADVANTAGING AUTHORITARIANISM The U.S. Electoral System & Antidemocratic Extremism REPORT -

The Coming Democratic Revival - America’s Opportunity to Lead the Fight Against Authoritarianism -

Reversing the Tide - Towards a New US Strategy to Support Democracy and Counter Authoritarianism -

How to Fight Authoritarianism -

Democracy in the News Links:

Some Trump records taken to Mar-a-Lago clearly marked as classified -

15 boxes: Inside the long, strange trip of Trump’s classified records -

Trump’s Missing Call Logs Present a Challenge for Jan. 6 Investigators -

Trump's unorthodox phone habits complicate January 6 investigation -

Biden Rejects Trump’s Claim of Privilege for White House Visitor Logs -

How the G.O.P.’s Censure Fight Exposes the Party’s Deeper Divide -

A bipartisan deal to stop Trumpian election subversion? Not so fast. -

‘We have a project’: QAnon followers eye swing state election official races -

Alarm as Trump backs ‘big lie’ candidates for key election posts in Michigan -

Trump endorses Loren Culp in challenge to WA Rep. Dan Newhouse, who voted for impeachment -

Amateur fraud hunters bury election officials in public records requests -

Election officials are on the frontlines of defending democracy. They didn't sign up for this. -

Tracking Races for Election Administration Positions -

Financing of Races for Offices that Oversee Elections: February 2022 -

Democratic group launches super PAC targeting election deniers running for state and local offices -

States consider record wave of voting bills -

Lawmakers in 12 states have introduced bills to restrict voting so far this year -

GOP-controlled legislatures look to overhaul election laws ahead of 2022 midterms -

States of Denial: A Guide to Some of the GOP’s Most Brazen Attacks on Voting Rights and Elections -

On voting rights, Biden’s power to act on his own is limited -

Democrats eye key governors’ races as backstop against GOP -

New Mexico Voting Rights Act stalls at the Roundhouse -

Wisconsin state Supreme Court lets ban on drop boxes go into effect for spring election -

Transparency or conspiracy? Georgia bill seeks public ballot reviews -

Faulty ballots and frustration: Texans confront 'nightmare' effects of new election law as early voting kicks off -

Texas officials bemoan ‘lack of foresight’ as they struggle with GOP’s new voting law -

Texas counties reject unprecedented numbers of mail ballots ahead of March 1 primary under restrictive new law -

Texans with disabilities fear new restrictions on voting help could mean criminal charges at the polls -

Voter turnout in Texas primaries is dramatically low. New political maps and voting law could create more obstacles. -

Support for Election Reform Strong in Texas, UH Survey Finds -

The voting rights movement will, as always, persevere -

State courts continue redrawing maps, as Supreme Court backs off -

Redistricting lawsuit filed against three Washington leaders for lack of Voting Rights Act compliant district in Yakima Valley -

Americans want reforms to curb gerrymandering, our new poll shows -

What the Supreme Court's decision on Alabama's maps could mean for the Voting Rights Act -

Civil rights groups worry Black districts may face increased GOP scrutiny after recent Supreme Court ruling on voting rights laws -

A Dangerous Alabama Voting Rights Case at the Supreme Court -

Justice Sonia Sotomayor says partisan divide could affect perception of Supreme Court -

Why Democrats can’t get a fair shake in the Supreme Court, in one chart -

The Supreme Court Is Making Real Judges’ Jobs Extremely Difficult -

Peter Thiel is backing a new generation of Trump-aligned Republicans -

Congressional leadership raise millions ahead of this year’s midterms -

Black, Latino candidates dominate fourth quarter’s top fundraisers -

Surge of out-of-state donors boost Trump critic Cheney's campaign -but cannot vote for her -

Corporate donations to Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and other Jan. 6 election objectors have plummeted, and individual donors are Congress’s biggest fundraising force -

These companies stopped campaign donations to election objectors. Their lobbyists did not. -

What Do We Really Know About The National Sheriffs Association? -

Congressional stock trading overhaul gains traction -

Judiciary under microscope as Congress weighs stock trade ban -

U.S. remains a ‘flawed democracy’ in annual rankings -

Tennessee lawmakers ban ranked-choice voting -

New critical race theory laws have teachers scared, confused and self-censoring -

Education for American Democracy Report -

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