Democracy Happy Hour - February 2, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, February 2, 2022 - Meeting Recordings, Chat & Closed Caption Files:

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • Feb 9th - Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud
  • Feb 16th - The Advance of Authoritarianism in the U.S.
  • Feb 23rd – The Electoral Count Act

FDF – Current Democracy Legislation -

TAKE ACTION: Email your reps about RCV legislation! -

WON (Women in Office Now) – Training Modules to help run for office will start March 8th -

Sign the petition to close the Citizens United Loophole. -

TAKE ACTION for Voting Rights:

Saving Democracy: Where do we go from here? Links:

Can We Still Save U.S. Democracy? -

American democracy is neither a 'fragile flower' nor guaranteed -

Americans, Deeply Divided, Yet Share Core Values of Equality, Liberty & Progress -

Saving Democracy Will Require Institutional and Civil Resistance at All Levels -

How To Save American Democracy -

Six things we must do to save our democracy and protect our elections in 2022 -

What the average citizen can do about the demise of US democracy -

Experts Share How the U.S. Can Save Our Democracy … and Avoid a Civil War -

Our Common Purpose - Reinventing American Democracy for the 21st Century -

Can “Lottocracy” Save Democracy From Itself? -

You Should Run for Local Office. Here’s Why -

Democracy in the News Links:

Black History Month 2022, Black Health and Wellness -

New rules are limiting how teachers can teach Black History Month -

Black History is American History -

Exclusive: Trump advisers drafted more than one executive order to seize voting machines, sources tell CNN -

Jan. 6 Panel Examining Trump’s Role in Proposals to Seize Voting Machines -

Jan. 6 Committee Subpoenas Fake Trump Electors -

What to know about the Trump 'fake electors' scheme -

Pence chief of staff Marc Short questioned by Jan. 6 committee -

Some records sent to Jan. 6 committee were torn up, taped back together — mirroring a Trump habit -

Trump suggests Pence should have ‘overturned’ the election on Jan. 6 -

Trump says he would consider pardons for Jan. 6 defendants if elected -

Jan. 6 committee member: Trump ‘absolutely’ tampering with witnesses -

Fulton DA seeks FBI’s aid as Trump probe advances -

Documents Reveal Trump Administration’s ‘Unprecedented’ Attempts to Influence 2020 Census -

From coast to coast, GOP lawmakers are seeking new powers over state elections | Analysis -

Campaigning to Oversee Elections, While Denying the Last One -

'Join the fight': Some GOP poll worker recruitment takes partisan bent -

AZ - The newest GOP election proposal would allow lawmakers to reject election results -

Voting restrictions advance in Arizona statehouse -

A battleground fight over polling places and voting rights in Georgia -

We Uncovered How Many Georgians Were Disenfranchised by GOP Voting Restrictions. It’s Staggering. -

Pennsylvania voting fight escalates as court strikes down mail ballot law -

Michigan GOP candidates draw scrutiny for suggestions to unplug election machines, use firearms to protect observers -

Trial underway for Florida’s GOP voting restrictions law -

MA - House approves permanent mail, early voting -

As absentee voting triples in New Mexico, legislators consider making the option permanent -

New Mexico to consider letting 16-year-olds vote in local elections -

More states fight back against threats to election workers -

Justice Dept. tells states they can use federal grant money to protect election workers -

Organizers refuse to let up after Senate GOP blocks voting rights bills -

Native Americans feel overlooked in voting rights push -

States moving fast after Congress failed to expand felon voting rights -

There are election reforms that both Democrats and Republicans seem to like -

Schumer and McConnell are giving bipartisan Electoral Count Act reform gang a chance -

Senators look to break logjam on elections overhaul -

Civil Rights Groups: Electoral Count Act Is Insufficient, Protecting the Right to Vote Is Essential -


Biden vs. Trump: The Makings of a Shattering Constitutional Crisis -

A masterclass in election-rigging: how Republicans ‘dismembered’ a Democratic stronghold -

Fight over Ohio’s legislative maps goes right back to Supreme Court -

Texas violated voting rights law during redistricting, retiring state GOP senator says in sworn court statement -

Judges maintain order for Alabama to draw new districts -

Wolf vetoes GOP congressional map, courts to pick Pa.’s redistricting plan -

GOP-drawn map in Utah has no competitive House districts -

No recusals as NC's redistricting case heads to state Supreme Court -

The US state that fought back after Republicans tried to rig its elections -

Ready, Set, Gerrymander! -

Can You Gerrymander Your Party to Power? -

Biden plans to name Breyer’s successor by the end of February. -

Meet five Black women on the shortlist for the Supreme Court nomination -

Breyer’s Supreme Court vacancy opens the door to even more ‘dark money’ in 2022 midterm elections -

A new Supreme Court case could make it nearly impossible to stop racial gerrymanders -

The Supreme Court Appears Ready, Finally, to Defeat Affirmative Action -

This Supreme Court Case Could Destroy Water Protections -

The Supreme Court is leading a Christian conservative revolution -

Critics say Ginni Thomas’s activism is a Supreme Court conflict. Under court rules, only her husband can decide if that’s true. -

Democrats’ election reform bill failed in the Senate. What’s next for campaign finance reform? -

Sasse reintroduces bill to bar lawmakers from trading stocks -

The Bill That Congress Might Be Embarrassed Enough to Pass -

Kyrsten Sinema courted Republican fossil fuel donors with filibuster stance -

Kyrsten Sinema raises over $1.5 million in fourth quarter while opposing key pieces of Biden agenda -

Companies, executives donated nearly $300,000 to Manchin’s campaign after he rejected Biden’s Build Back Better bill -

Corporations send large donations to GOP group behind abortion bans and voter suppression -

Judge Says States Can Investigate WinRed’s Fund-Raising Tactics -

Democrats Decried Dark Money. Then They Won With It in 2020. -

Republicans lead 2022 money race as both parties hit record levels of cash on hand -

Dual Agents - Political Consulting Firms Working Jointly for Candidates or Political Parties and for Unregulated Outside Groups in the Same Elections Received $1.4 Billion in 2018 and 2020 -

Brennan Center – Share of spending by special interest groups before and after Citizens United -


Push for ‘approval voting’ ballot measure in Seattle gets $160,000 boost from national think tank -

RCV vs Approval Voting -

WA Community Alliance - We Oppose Approval Voting Petition -

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February 2, 2022
5:00 pm
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