Democracy Happy Hour – February 9, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, February 9, 2022 - Meeting Recordings, Chat & Closed Caption Files:

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • Feb 16th - The Advance of Authoritarianism in the U.S.
  • Feb 23rd – Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud

FDF – Current Democracy Legislation -

WON (Women in Office Now) – Training Modules to help run for office will start March 8th -

Sign the petition to close the Citizens United Loophole. -


The Electoral Count Act: What is it and possible reforms Links:

Electoral Count Act -

3 U.S. Code § 15 - Counting electoral votes in Congress -

What the Electoral Count Act is -- and why some argue reforming it can protect future elections -

The 1887 Law Putting American Democracy at Risk -

The importance of the Electoral Count Act -

Updating the Electoral Count Act -

The Electoral Count Act of 1887 is showing its age – here’s how to help Congress certify a presidential election with more certainty -

Bipartisan Poll Finds Strong Support for Updating the Electoral Count Act -

The Electoral Count Act of 1887: Proposals for Reform -

How a rogue governor could steal the next presidential election for Trump -

Durbin, King and Klobuchar Release Draft Electoral Count Act Reform -

To amend title 3, United States Code, to revise the rules for Presidential elections and counting electoral votes, and for other purposes. -

Overhaul of Electoral Count Act ‘Absolutely’ Will Pass, Manchin Says -

Trump interference exacerbates GOP split on election reforms -

Trump, hurdles loom for Senate election reform talks -

Democracy in the News Links:

G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack ‘Legitimate Political Discourse’ -

As GOP censures Cheney and Kinzinger, Pence says: ‘President Trump is wrong’ -

McConnell Denounces R.N.C. Censure of Jan. 6 Panel Members -

Trump sets off yet another GOP civil war, risking party's midterm strategy -

Memo circulated among Trump allies advocated using NSA data in attempt to prove stolen election -

In Scrutinizing Trump and His Allies, Jan. 6 Panel Adopts Prosecution Tactics -

What does Ivanka Trump know about Jan. 6? Congress is asking -

Trump Is Obsessed With Being a Loser -

Trump and allies try to redefine racism by casting White men as victims -

Heritage Foundation, former powerhouse of GOP policy, adjusts in face of new competition from Trump allies -

National Archives had to retrieve Trump White House records from Mar-a-Lago -

Americans united in worry over political divisions, but not much else, poll finds -

Alexander Vindman sues Donald Trump Jr., others for alleged witness intimidation over impeachment testimony -

Fair election administration faces threats in key states, per new report -

GOP takes mail voting to court in swing states Biden won -

Republican lawmakers push for audit of 2020 New Hampshire election -

Who gets to live free in N.H.? Not the state’s teachers, if a law demanding their loyalty comes to pass. -

Arizona Republican House speaker effectively dooms GOP bill to allow state legislature to reject election results -

Do you vote early? You could lose that right under bill OK'ed by Arizona Senate panel -

Arizona Ballot Initiative Aims to Protect Voting Rights -

'It's just a mess': Texas election officials and voting rights advocates face mounting challenges under new restrictive voting law -

States target ballot drop boxes in fight over voting rights -

Virginia Senate OKs bill to make elections agency 'truly independent' -

Wisconsin Democrats seek removal of Elections Commissioner who was 'alternate elector' in 2020 -

Lawmakers endorse a bill that would create stiffer penalties for harassing election clerks -

Voter access, election bills inch forward in New Mexico -

As red states impose new restrictions on voting, blue Washington presses ahead with expansions -

Brennan Center Voting Laws Roundup: February 2022 -

Black Woman’s Bid to Regain Voting Rights Ends With a 6-Year Prison Sentence -

WA counties rejected ballots from people of color, men, younger voters at higher rates -

House Passes Bill to Shore Up Postal Service, Working to Avert Insolvency -

Supreme Court Restores Alabama Voting Map That a Court Said Hurt Black Voters -

High court’s Alabama ruling sparks alarm over voting rights -

SCOTUS Just Blew Up the Voting Rights Act’s Ban on Racial Gerrymandering -

The Supreme Court may completely hollow out the Voting Rights Act by 2024 -

Supreme Court signals few map changes before midterms -

Redistricting reformers see strong ties between racial and partisan gerrymandering -

‘Taking the Voters Out of the Equation’: How the Parties Are Killing Competition -

North Carolina Court Says G.O.P. Political Maps Violate State Constitution -

Florida’s legislative redistricting maps head to state Supreme Court -

New York Legislature OKs gerrymander that could net Democrats 3 more seats -

Michigan Supreme Court dismisses Voting Rights Act challenge of redistricting maps -

State Supreme Court takes control of redrawing Pa.’s congressional map -

Courts give Democrats unexpected boost on redistricting -

State Senate passes changes to redistricting process as House approves final maps with changes -

How big a makeover does WA redistricting need? -

What we learned from the first FEC deadline of 2022 -

A Year Later, Most CEOs Are Keeping Their Post-Insurrection Promises -

Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump Out-Raised Primary Rivals -

Erik Prince Helped Raise Money for Conservative Spy Venture -

Why a few dozen zip codes dominate political giving -

THE WELL OF THE CONGRESS – Public Citizen Report -

How Manchin used politics to protect his family coal company -

ALEC’s “Critical Energy Theory” Bills Moving in Four States -

Chuck Schumer says he supports banning lawmakers from trading stocks: 'I would like to see it done' -

Mitch McConnell says he'll consider a ban on stock trading by lawmakers: 'We'll take a look at that kind of legislation and see what may be appropriate' -

Right-wing conspiracies have a new target: a tool that fights actual voter fraud -

Young Americans of all stripes are pessimistic about U.S. politics -

CivXNow State Policy -

What would ranked-choice look like in Washington? The Legislature’s hoping to find out -

Ranked choice got a bad rap in Pierce County. Here’s why WA voters deserve chance to try it -

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February 9, 2022
5:00 pm
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