Democracy Happy Hour - January 19, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, January 19, 2022 - Meeting Recordings, Chat & Closed Caption Files:

Actions, Events & Misc. Links:


o   Fix Democracy First or Fix Democracy First Education Fund -

o   YO VOTE! -

Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

o   Jan 26th - History of Voting in the U.S.

o   Feb 2nd - Saving Democracy: Where do we go from here?

o   Feb 9th - Voter Fraud vs. Election Fraud

o   Feb 16th - The Advance of Authoritarianism in the U.S.

Lobby Week 2022 w/ League of Women Voters of WA – January 24-27, 2022 -

TAKE ACTION for Freedom to Vote Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act:

Call Your Senator (NEW Patch Through #): 833-345-2551

White House Call-In - 1.888.724.8746 (Tues-Thurs, 8am–12pm PT) or use Contact Form:

Volunteer Phonebanks

Share on Social Media – Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok

  • Use these Hashtags: #RecessCanWait  #FreedomToVoteAct #JohnLewisVotingRightsAct  #RestoretheVRA
  • View Messaging & Social Media Graphics: HERE  

Citizens United: 12 Years Later Links:
Citizens United vs. FEC - History -

Citizens United Explained -

How Citizens United Threatens Judicial Independence -

Citizens Unites – OpenSecrets - v. FEC -

Move to Amend -

H.J.Res.48 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only. -

100+ democracy reform groups push Congress to overturn Citizens United -

H.J.Res.1 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections. -

Democracy in the News Links:

House sends combined election bill to Senate; Biden visits Capitol Hill on voting rights push -


Senators are sparring over Democrats’ legislation, and their own rules. -

Raw Senate debate on voting bill unlikely to end filibuster -

Sinema and Manchin confirm opposition to eliminating filibuster, probably dooming Democrats’ voting rights push -

Sinema, Manchin slammed as Senate begins voting bill debate -

Democrats ponder Plan B strategy to circumvent voting rights filibuster -

Martin Luther King Jr.’s family marches in D.C. for Senate action on voting rights bill -

College Student Group Un-PAC Organizes Nationwide Hunger Strike in Defense of Voting Rights -

With help from Manchin and Sinema, a Republican revolution from below is driving national policy -

How Manchin and Sinema Completed a Conservative Vision -

In Rebuke to Trump, Supreme Court Won’t Block Release of Jan. 6 Files -

Kevin McCarthy Refuses Interview Request From Jan. 6 Committee -

Jan. 6 Inquiry Subpoenas Giuliani and Legal Team That Made Claims of Voting Fraud -

Jan. 6 panel grapples with how to secure testimony from lawmakers, Pence -

Oath Keepers Leader Charged With Seditious Conspiracy in Jan. 6 Investigation -

For Oath Keepers and founder, Jan. 6 was weeks in the making -

Trump allies' fake Electoral College certificates offer fresh insights about plot to overturn Biden's victory -

History tells us forged pro-Trump ‘election documents’ should sound alarm bells -

The Justice Dept. alleged Jan. 6 was a seditious conspiracy. Now will it investigate Trump? -

Democrats see good chance of Garland prosecuting Trump -

The 2020 election wasn't stolen. But Douglas Frank and his bogus equation claiming otherwise are still winning over audiences. -

Trump loyalists form alliance in bid to take over election process in key states -

Before Elections, Georgia Republicans Again Consider Voting Restrictions -

Election officials in Texas reject hundreds of ballot applications under state’s new voting restrictions -

Florida governor proposes special police agency to monitor elections -

Democrats take voting rights fight to state-level races -

Inslee, Washington Democrats push election bills, as they weigh threats to democracy -

Electoral act reform picks up growing bipartisan support -

R.N.C. Signals a Pullout From Presidential Debates -

U.S. Political Party Preferences Shifted Greatly During 2021 -

Political Instability Not U.S. Adversaries, Seen As Bigger Threat, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Nearly 6 In 10 Think Nation's Democracy Is In Danger Of Collapse

Share -

Revealed: The Billionaires Funding the Coup’s Brain Trust -

Major US Companies Slam Voter Suppression Laws Then Donate to Their Sponsors -

Distrust in political, media and business leaders sweeps the globe -

Reps Bought Pipeline Stocks Before Passing the Infrastructure Bill -

STOCK Act is ‘ready to go a step further’ by banning Congress members from trading: Lobbyist -

Ohio Supreme Court overturns partisan district maps -

Ohio Redistricting Commission begins again after court order -

NC Supreme Court justices asked to sit out redistricting case over perceived conflicts of interest -

DeSantis shakes up Florida redistricting as veto concerns grow -

State courts become battlegrounds in redistricting fights -

Texas’s six-week abortion ban remains in effect after federal appeals court ruling -

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Virus Mandate for Large Employers -

The Supreme Court’s Right Turn Goes Way Beyond Guns And Abortion -

Campaign Finance Returns to Supreme Court in Ted Cruz Case -

Press Information Sheet for FEC v. Ted Cruz for Senate -

A Supreme Court Selected By Big Money Will Rule on Whether Big Money Is Corruptive -

The Supreme Court Case That Could Upend Efforts to Protect the Environment -

This Kind of Case Is Why Mitch McConnell Was So Ruthless in Seizing Control of the Supreme Court -

We Found the One Group of Americans Who Are Most Likely to Spread Fake News -

Rise of right-wing apps seen worsening midterm disinformation -

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5:00 pm
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