Democracy Happy Hour – January 5, 2022

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  • Jan 12th – WA 2022 Legislative Session – What can we expect?

TAKE ACTION for Freedom to Vote Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act:

Call Your Senator (NEW Patch Through #): 833-345-2551

White House Call-In - 1.888.724.8746 (Tues-Thurs, 8am–12pm PT) or use Contact Form:

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The January 6th Insurrection One Year Later Links:

Pelosi announces Capitol events to mark anniversary of Jan. 6 riot -

Recalling Jan. 6: A national day of infamy, half remembered -

Republicans and Democrats divided over Jan. 6 insurrection and Trump’s culpability, Post-UMD poll finds -

NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll: One Year Since the Unrest at the U.S. Capitol, January 2022 -

Despite brutal video, only GOP minority say 1/6 very violent -

Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints -

Trump cancels Jan. 6 news conference at Mar-a-Lago, blames news media and House committee investigating attack on Capitol -

Jan. 6 Panel Faces Difficult Questions as Anniversary of Capitol Riot Approaches -

In the Capitol’s Shadow, the Jan. 6 Panel Quietly Ramps Up Its Inquiry -

January 6 committee gets inside Trump's West Wing wall of obstruction -

Jan. 6 committee asks Supreme Court to deny Trump request to shield records -

Committee investigating Jan. 6 attack plans to begin a more public phase of its work in the new year -

Biden White House concludes Jan. 6 preparations hurt by lack of high-level intelligence-sharing -

Prosecutors Move Quickly on Jan. 6 Cases, but One Big Question Remains -

Prosecutors break down charges, convictions for 725 arrested so far in Jan. 6 attack on U.S. Capitol -

More than 1,000 US public figures aided Trump’s effort to overturn election -

Exclusive poll: Americans fear a Jan. 6 repeat -

Election Falsehoods Surged on Podcasts Before Capitol Riots, Researchers Find -

Facebook groups topped 10,000 daily attacks on election before Jan. 6, analysis shows -

The January 6 Insurrection Isn’t Over -

‘We were trapped’: Trauma of Jan. 6 lingers for lawmakers -

The Capitol Police and the Scars of Jan. 6 -

Capitol Police see sharp increase in threats to Congress, departure of dozens of officers -

Insurrection prompts year of change for US Capitol Police -

Shaken by the Jan. 6 attack, Capitol workers quit jobs that once made them proud -

As Jan. 6 anniversary approaches, fear, disbelief and anger still felt in Capitol Hill neighborhood -

Teachers at culture war front lines with Jan. 6 education -

1 in 3 Americans say violence against government can be justified, citing fears of political schism, pandemic -

Every Day Is Jan. 6 Now -

The Corporate Insurrection: How companies have broken promises and funded seditionists -

Corporations, trade groups gave over $8 million to GOP election objectors following Jan. 6 riot, new study shows -

No business as usual after Jan. 6 -

Since Jan. 6, the pro-Trump Internet has descended into infighting over money and followers -

How to Stop Trump and Prevent Another Jan. 6 -

House Democrat calls for novel Jan. 6 commemoration: Expel GOP members who helped incite the attack -


How the Jan. 6 anniversary and voting rights are tied together -

Be the flame of democracy on Jan. 6 -

Democracy in the News Links:

Trump Distributed Bogus Election Fraud Research to ‘Every’ Congressional Republican -

Prominent political podcasters played key role in spreading the ‘Big Lie’ -

Key local election officials in battleground states still face threats over a year after 2020 election -

Trump acolytes vie for key election oversight posts in US midterms -

Here's where election-denying candidates are running to control voting -

‘Slow-motion insurrection’: How GOP seizes election power -

6 in 10 Americans say U.S. democracy is in crisis as 'The Big Lie' takes root -

Was Trump just the "warm-up act"? Canadian scholar warns of "right-wing dictatorship" -

Inside the campaign to undermine Georgia’s election -

Georgia review found just four deceased voters' ballots cast in 2020 election -

Georgia voting law wasn’t enough for Republican legislators -

First part of Texas’ 2020 election audit reveals few issues, echoes findings from review processes already in place -

Texas and other state audits should restore voter confidence in our elections — but will they? -

Three WA Republican legislators used taxpayer money to attend Mike Lindell’s election conspiracy conference -

Election fraud occurs, but rarely and without impacting results -

More than half of Americans believe politicians are trying to make voting more difficult, UMass Ameherst Poll finds -

Voting Rights and the Battle Over Elections: What to Know -

Opinion: We need a new doomsday clock — for democracy -

How does this end? Where the crisis in American democracy might be headed. -

The next US civil war is already here – we just refuse to see it -

Senate Democrats look to Jan. 6 anniversary to push election reform -

Capitol Hill Democrats pause BBB and turn to voting rights -

How the Freedom to Vote Act Can Blunt the Worst of Texas’s Voter Suppression Law -

Manchin's reluctance leaves Democrats' U.S. voting rights bill at risk -

January will make or break voting-rights push as Senate is set to consider rules changes -

Schumer says Senate will vote by Jan. 17 on changing rules if GOP continues to block voting rights legislation -

Manchin floats modest Senate rules changes -

Biden pushed to speak out more as US democracy concerns grow -

Trump Is Making the Midterms a Referendum on Himself -

A Year After Capitol Riot, Trump’s Hold on G.O.P. Is Unrivaled -

A Long, Hard Year for Republicans Who Voted to Impeach After Jan. 6 -

Trump Endorses Viktor Orban, Hungary’s Far-Right Prime Minister -

Democratic push on voting rights becomes more urgent as midterms approach -

States prepare for new round of voting wars as midterms approach -

These 24 States Improved Access to Voting This Year -

5 Things To Watch Going Into The Midterms -

As election year begins, court wrangling over redistricting continues -

Detroit lawmakers ask top Michigan court to block new voting maps -

'They know where Black voters live': Challengers say 'race blind' redistricting maps are anything but -

2022 House Overview: Still a GOP Advantage, but Redistricting Looks Like a Wash -

December Redistricting Roundup: Where Things Stand in All 50 States -

In Assaults on Democracy, State Lawmakers Target Courts -

Chief Justice John Roberts Pledges to Bolster Judicial Ethics -

Roberts says federal judiciary has some issues but doesn’t need congressional intervention -

NC Voter ID Trial Delayed as US Supreme Court Examines Case -

The year Supreme Court conservatives made their mark -

Just how much is Trump’s judiciary sabotaging the Biden presidency? -

Biden finishes 2021 with most confirmed judicial picks since Reagan -

Opinion: Mitch McConnell’s un-conservative plea to the Supreme Court -

Boeing and Pfizer are among the companies and trade groups to have donated $8 million to Republicans who voted against certifying Biden's election victory, a report says -

Eli Lilly resumes contributions to politicians who refused to certify election on Jan. 6 -

Corporate donations to Sen. Joe Manchin’s PAC surged as he fought President Biden’s agenda -

GOP-aligned 'dark money' group launches $1M ad campaign to pressure Manchin -

Are U.S. companies punishing Republicans for Jan. 6? Here’s what our research finds. -

Election objectors are among the GOP’s highest fundraisers ahead of Jan. 6 anniversary -

The Corporate Insurrection: How companies have broken promises and funded seditionists -

In Bad Company -

Seven major corporations pledge not to support GOP objectors in 2022 -

Liberal ‘dark money’ groups’ revenue soared ahead of 2020 elections -

Amid ongoing threats, democracy reform forges ahead in 2021-

Yakima County ordered to pay nearly $272,000 in voting rights case, lower than $2M requested -

Washington House to hold remote legislative sessions as COVID’s omicron surge continues -

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