Democracy Happy Hour – July 13, 2022

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Upcoming Topics in July:

  • July 20 - Jan 6 Hearings Review
  • July 27 - Open Discussion - What would you like to talk about?
  • Aug 3 - Primary Election Updates




Dark Money in Elections Links:

What Is Dark Money? -


Dark Money -


Dark Money Basics -


Inside the ever-growing power of dark money in U.S. politics -


Donors, key findings, and profiles of the top 15 dark money groups -


501(c)(4)s and “Dark Money”: Evolution of (c)(4)s -


Citizens United v. FEC -


Citizens United Explained -


How Citizen's United Will Affect the 2022 Midterms -


How Does the Citizens United Decision Still Affect Us in 2022? - v. FEC - v. FEC -


SpeechNow v. FEC – The Case that Created Super PACs, and Our Challenge - and the Birth of Super PACs -


Speechnow.Org Outside Spending -


Sunlight Foundation -


Open Secrets –


Follow the Money –


WA Public Disclosure Commission –


Seattle Ethics & Elections –

Democracy in the News Links:

5 takeaways from the Jan. 6 hearing on extremism and Trump -


Trump Sought to Conceal Plans for March to Capitol, Panel Says -


Tears, Screaming and Insults: Inside an ‘Unhinged’ Meeting to Keep Trump in Power -


Jan. 6 panel shows evidence of coordination between far-right groups and Trump allies -


Cipollone corroborated virtually everything from Hutchinson, Jan. 6 panel member says -


Ex-Oath Keeper outlines dark worldview behind U.S. Capitol attack -


Jan. 6 panel escalates showdown with Trump over influencing witnesses -


Bannon, Facing Jail and Fines, Agrees to Testify to Jan. 6 Panel -


Judge shreds Bannon defenses ahead of contempt trial -


Where Jan. 6 prosecutions stand, 18 months after the attack -

Strongest Evidence of Guilt: Chart Tracking Trump’s Knowledge and Intent in Efforts to Overturn the Election -


Georgia DA’s Trump investigation is making history -


Georgia DA won’t rule out subpoena for Trump in election interference investigation, says more allies will be called -


Trump Calls On Wis. GOP To Nullify Elector Votes, Make Him Victor After Ballot Box Ruling -


Trump Lawyer Says He Will Be Reinstated as President if GOP Win Midterms -


These candidates lost badly, but now are claiming fraud -

Election officials fear copycat attacks as ‘insider threats’ loom -


Elections expert launches ‘Safeguarding Democracy’ project -


Coalition of democracy groups pushing to expand voting access in Arizona -


Massachusetts high court rejects GOP effort to block voting rights reforms -


Petition aimed at protecting Michigan voting rights surpasses required signatures -


Inside Missouri's new voter ID law -


Ballot drop boxes not allowed in Wisconsin, state Supreme Court rules -


Wisconsin Supreme Court Bans Drop Boxes, Suggests Biden’s 2020 Victory Was “Illegitimate” -


Vote-by-mail states outperform others in primary turnout this year -


The State of State Election Law – 2022 Mid-Year Report by Voting Rights Lab -


How Redistricting Gives Republicans New Political Power -


What It Would Mean For Elections If The Supreme Court Embraces An Extreme Legal Theory -


The Case That Could Blow Up American Election Law -


A Supreme Court decision could radically reshape presidential elections -


How Congress Can Preempt the Most Dangerous Possible Ruling of the Next Supreme Court Term -


‘Operation Higher Court’: Inside the religious right’s efforts to wine and dine Supreme Court justices -


The Far-Right Christian Quest for Power: ‘We Are Seeing Them Emboldened’-


Supreme Court Conservatives Want More Robust ‘Shadow Docket’ -


The Supreme Court’s Role in the Degradation of U.S. Democracy -


Majority of Public Disapproves of Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Roe v. Wade -


Under Pressure, Biden Issues Executive Order on Abortion -


Biden’s abortion response curbed by fears of another Supreme Court showdown -


Hospitals must provide abortions when needed post-Roe, HHS says -


Justice Dept. announces task force to fight overreach on abortion bans -


Democratic cities in Republican states seek ways around abortion bans -


Abortion rights groups consistently spent more on lobbying and political contributions than their counterparts. So what happened? -


States With Abortion Bans Risk Losing Their Economic Edge -


Supreme Court threw a ‘punch to the gut,’ PNW Native leaders say -


The Supreme Court's EPA ruling was the beginning of something bigger -


Virtually no federal regulation is safe from the Supreme Court’s new ‘major legal questions’ doctrine -


The Unnoticed Influence of Special Interests on Climate Change and Pollution Legislation -


Billionaires are exerting ever-greater influence on elections as Biden contemplates taxing America's most wealthy: report -


Billionaires Buying Elections -




Takeaways from the Uber Files investigation -


Uber paid for studies that backed its business model, and is fighting disclosure of current lobbying efforts -


Cause of homelessness? It’s not drugs or mental illness, researchers say -


Washington ranked No. 1 for regulating campaign cash -


Seattle councilmember proposes adding ranked-choice voting decision to November ballot -


RCV and approval voting go head-to-head in Seattle -

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