Democracy Happy Hour – July 26, 2023

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After fitful starts, Trump Jan. 6 investigations hurtle toward charges -

Trump under investigation for civil rights conspiracy in January 6 inquiry -

Federal prosecutors contacted officials in Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona as part of 2020 election probe -

Georgia prosecutors eye criminal solicitation charges in Trump inquiry -

Trump attorneys again push to block Georgia 2020 election investigation -

Giuliani Concedes He Made False Statements About Georgia Election Workers -

Judge Cannon schedules Trump’s classified documents trial for May 2024 -

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy floats an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden -

2022 data shows pandemic shifted Americans toward voting by mail -

‘This Is a Really Big Deal’: How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP -

Poll workers remain a must-have for election officials -

16 States Made It Harder To Vote This Year. But 26 Made It Easier. -

Many redistricting redos pending, but ’24 election outlook unclear -

Illegal voting maps were used in some states in 2022. This legal idea allowed them -

Two Major Elections Bills, Two Different Visions for Voters -

Alabama Republicans pitch congressional map with one majority-Black district, even though the Supreme Court mandated two -

The fight over Alabama’s congressional redistricting now shifts back to federal court -

Alabama redistricting creates test for Supreme Court’s authority -

DeSantis, others sued over alleged ‘election police’ voter intimidation -

New Florida standards teach students that some Black people benefited from slavery because it taught useful skills -

Georgia to drop nearly 200,000 voters deemed 'inactive' on its rolls -

The Supreme Court Allows a Relic of White Supremacy To Remain in Mississippi’s Constitution -

NC lurches toward elections with voter photo ID -

Federal judge tosses Oregon lawsuit over mail voting, tabulation machines -

Groups press Oregon secretary of state to block Trump from ballots -

Tennessee now requires court order or proof of pardon to restore felon voting rights -

Texas trial to be first major test of Voting Rights Act since Supreme Court decision -

Texas resigns from ERIC, a national program that keeps voter rolls updated -

King County bolsters election security amid intimidation to workers nationwide -

Federal judge tosses Biden administration asylum rule for migrants -

Supreme Court’s Decision in Moore v. Harper Is a Win for Democracy, But Some Questions Remain Unanswered -

Gen Z Roiled by Supreme Court Rulings on Student Loans, Abortion -

The Shadow Docket: Shedding Light on the Supreme Court's Dangerous Use of Its Orders List -

Senate Panel Approves Supreme Court Ethics Bill With Dim Prospects -

Leonard Leo rebukes Senate Judiciary probe, claims congressional overreach -

Influential activist Leonard Leo helped fund media campaign lionizing Clarence Thomas -

Samuel Alito and the fishing trip that set the world on fire -

How Republicans flipped America’s state supreme courts -

Trump prosecutions consume campaign funds and messaging as charges mount -

Washington governor’s race sparks stricter campaign-finance rule -

Record contributions from dark money groups and shell companies flooded 2022 midterm elections -

ALEC’s Funding Revealed -

Amid Elon Musk's Twitter changes, why 2024 presidential election threats now pose bigger risk -

'It's really a crisis': Why small towns are fighting to save local newspapers -

D.C. Elections Board Gives Initial Green Light To Ballot Initiative On Ranked Choice Voting And Open Primaries -

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