Democracy Happy Hour - July 27, 2022

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour Topics:

  • Aug 3 – Primary Election Updates
  • Aug 10 & 17 – CANCELED: NO Democracy Happy Hours – Cindy on vacation
  • Aug 24 – Are We Coming Closer to Civil War?
  • Aug 31 – Youth Involvement to Strengthen Democracy


  • Healing Us! – Universal healthcare documentary by Kenny Ballentine, featuring activists from all over the country, including Whole Washington and Red Berets for Medicare for All -



January 6 Hearings Review Links:

Democracy in the News Links:

Bannon Found Guilty of Contempt in Case Related to Capitol Riot Inquiry -


Justice Dept. investigating Trump’s actions in Jan. 6 criminal probe -


Justice Dept. Asking Witnesses About Trump in Its Jan. 6 Investigation -


‘Kind of Wild/Creative’: Emails Shed Light on Trump Fake Electors Plan -


Top Pence Aides Testify to Grand Jury in Jan. 6 Investigation -


On the Docket: Atlanta v. Trumpworld -


New Findings Detail Trump Plan to Use Census for Partisan Gain -


A radical plan for Trump’s second term -


Trump's revenge -


A Hidden New Threat to U.S. Elections -


The People Who Count Our Elections—or Can Grind the Process to a Halt -


2020 Election Deniers Seek Out Powerful Allies: County Sheriffs -


Conspiracy-promoting sheriffs claim vast election authority -


On the campaign trail, many Republicans talk of violence -


State elections officials struggle with paper shortages, harassment, insider threats -


Inside the RNC’s effort to train thousands of poll watchers in Georgia -


Republicans keep gerrymandered maps – after they were struck down by court -


Voting rights lawyers say latest GOP mail-voting challenge in Pennsylvania is ‘fueling the big lie’ -


SC’s first no-excuse-needed early voting a success, election officials say -


Texas is barred from enforcing new restrictions on voter assistance -


After Wis. Supreme Court absentee ballot decision, disabled people sue -


Wisconsin Assembly elections panel chair calls for voiding 2020 results -


The GOP’s election conspiracy scam has come full circle in WA -


Senators Introduce Reforms to the Electoral Count Act of 1887 -


Jan. 6 panel Dems throw shade at Senate's bipartisan foray into their turf -


Why Congress should swiftly enact the Senate’s bipartisan ECA reform bill -


Reforms to the Electoral Count Act Miss the Mark -


The Forgotten Constitutional Weapon Against Voter Restrictions -


House Passes Bill to Ensure Contraception Rights After Dobbs -


Gavin Newsom’s plan to save the Constitution by trolling the Supreme Court -


Newsom Raises His Profile With Hardball Tactics, Starting With a Gun Bill -


One month after Supreme Court’s Roe ruling, over half of states have banned or moved to limit abortions -


In These 6 States, Abortion Rights Are Literally on the Ballot -


After court ruling, activists push prayer into schools -


Impact of Supreme Court's climate ruling spreads -


Supreme Court curbs EPA regulatory power after Koch-tied groups’ push -


60% of Americans approved of the Supreme Court last July. Now, it's 38%, according to a new poll -


AP-NORC poll: 2 in 3 in US favor term limits for justices -


Democrats introduce bill to enact term limits for Supreme Court justices -


The Supreme Court ‘Shadow Docket,’ Explained -


Will the Supreme Court give state houses total control over federal elections? -


Is Democracy Constitutional? -


GOP’s 2022 small-dollar fundraising sputters as Democrats’ lead grows -


Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown -


Gen Z candidates raise millions for the generation’s first federal campaigns -


The Congressional Fundraising Treadmill: Six Numbers to Know from the Latest Congressional Campaign Finance Filings -


Democratic Group Sues the Federal Election Commission Over Trump’s 2024 Hinting -


Trump PACs paid $2 million this year to law firms representing January 6 witnesses -


The Dark Money Behind Abortion Bans -


Here’s How DAOs Are Becoming the New PACs -


Decentralized autonomous organization -


Top-five ranked choice initiative voting initiative certified for Nevada ballot -


Washington’s Primary Could Dethrone Trump’s Kingmaking Power -


Abolish State Senates -


It’s Time for Universal Voting -


One thing voters agree on: Fresh voices needed in politics -

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