Democracy Happy Hour – July 28, 2021

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Upcoming August topics:

  • 08/04/21 – Misinformation, Disinformation & Malinformation
  • 08/11/21 – The Rise of Authoritarianism
  • 08/18/21 – Modernization and Democracy
  • 08/25/21 – Social Media's Impact on Democracy

Democracy Happy Hour, July 28, 2021 - Meeting Recordings & Chat:

Primary Election is August 3rd – You can still register to vote or update your registration in person up until 8 pm on Aug 3rd - Check on your ballot here:


WA Redistricting Links:

Upcoming WA Redistricting Hearings in July:


Democracy in the News Links:  

Bob Moses, Crusader for Civil Rights and Math Education, Dies at 86 -

Capitol riot committee holds first hearing -

CBS News analysis: What drives Republican and Trump voters' belief in widespread voter fraud? -

Republicans don’t trust their election officials, research finds — especially in states Biden won -

Maricopa County launches website to address 2020 election misinformation - - Link to Maricopa County website:

Bad-faith election audits are sabotaging democracy across the nation -

Texas Democrats Remain In Washington Amid Coronavirus Cases And Congressional Hurdles -

Texas Supreme Court may decide next plot twist in the Democratic walkout, and the fate of 2,100 state employees -

Takeover of Fulton elections considered by Georgia Republicans -

7 Ways New Voting Laws Can Affect People With Disabilities -

Native Americans are targets of voter suppression too -

Report: One-third of the country has limited voting access since the 2020 election -

Republican Voter Suppression Laws Are Targeting Democratic Voters -

Voting Laws Roundup: July 2021 -

Wide partisan divide on whether voting is a fundamental right or a privilege with responsibilities -

'Time for action:' Voting and civil rights groups intensify pressure on Biden and Congress to move on federal election bills -

Biden says ditching the filibuster would throw Congress ‘into chaos’ and lead to gridlock. -

Democrats craft revised voting rights bill, seeking to keep hopes alive in the Senate -

Federal lawsuits challenging Georgia’s new voting law now face long odds -

Stacey Abrams’ organizing model goes national -

Why Every Assumption The Two Parties Have About Latino Voters Is Wrong -

Republicans increasingly look to ballot initiatives as way to enact voting measures -

Major Companies Get ‘Fs’ on Voting Rights in New Scorecard -

Manchin campaign contributions skyrocketed amid debate over For The People Act -

Washington is a lobbying boom town under Biden -

In Nearly All Other Democracies, This Is Not Normal -

Republicans poised to rig the next election by gerrymandering electoral maps -

Drawing maps isn't just for gerrymanderers anymore -

Runoff elections see little turnout despite steep costs, per new report -

New law requires NJ middle schools to teach about voting -

We must all be lifeguards for democracy -

Wanted: Ideas for how to strengthen American democracy -

Fair & Impartial Courts: How do we get there? Links:  

What Does Fair and Impartial Judiciary Mean and Why is it Important? -

Fair Courts – Common Cause -

How many states elect judges? With more than 20 different selection systems, that's a very complicated question. -,-thats-a-very-complicated-question.

Why Merit Selection? -

Merit Selection: The Best Way to Choose the Best Judges -

Promote Fair Courts – Brennan Center -

Court Reform Gets New Attention -

Money in Judicial Elections -

Judicial Ethics & Recusal -

Legislative Assaults on State Courts — 2021 -

4 ideas for Supreme Court reform -

Structural Reforms to the Federal Judiciary -

Reforming State Judicial Selection -

Choosing State Judges: A Plan for Reform -

Public Funding of Judicial Elections: Financing Campaigns for Fair and Impartial Courts -

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July 28, 2021
5:00 pm
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