Democracy Happy Hour – July 6, 2022

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WON (Women in Office Now) –

Upcoming Topics in July:

  • July 13 - Dark Money in Elections
  • July 20 - Jan 6 Hearings Review
  • July 27 - Open Discussion - What would you like to talk about?



U.S. Supreme Court Debrief Links:

Supreme Court cases, October term 2021-2022 -,_October_term_2021-2022

Supreme Court Case Quick Updates -


Opinions of the Court – 2021 -


Oyez - 2021-2022 Term -


The Major Supreme Court Decisions in 2022 -


How the Supreme Court ruled in the major decisions of 2022 -


A Transformative Term at the Most Conservative Supreme Court in Nearly a Century -


Supreme Court conservatives flex in term full of controversial cases -


The Supreme Court's Partisan Divide Hasn't Been This Sharp In Generations -




Supreme Court Decision On EPA Could Have Implications For Other Regulatory Agencies, Like FDA -


Supreme Court cases, October term 2022-2023 -,_October_term_2022-2023


Did the Supreme Court Open the Door to Reviving One of Its Worst Decisions? -


Supreme Court to Hear Case on State Legislatures’ Power Over Elections -


The Supreme Court case voting rights experts say could bring 'chaos' to elections -


A new Supreme Court case is the biggest threat to US democracy since January 6 -


Trump's influence over the Supreme Court is just beginning. Next the conservative majority could upend elections with an 'extraordinary power grab.' -



The Supreme Court's next target is the executive branch -


Supreme Court's next term could be just as contentious -


Can Supreme Court justices be impeached? Could the court be expanded? Your burning questions, answered. -

Democracy in the News Links:

Ketanji Brown Jackson Becomes First Black Female Supreme Court Justice -


Trust in Supreme Court falters after Roe decision -


Biden calls for suspending filibuster rules to guarantee abortion rights -


Next Front Line in the Abortion Wars: State Supreme Courts -


Florida Judge Will Temporarily Block 15-Week Abortion Ban -


Texas Supreme Court blocks order that allowed abortions to resume -


Antiabortion lawmakers want to block patients from crossing state lines -


Men rush to get vasectomies after Roe ruling -


After Roe, architect of Texas abortion law sets sights on gay marriage and more -


Texas thrusts itself into the center of battles over personal freedom, starting with abortion and sodomy -


Texas board of education strikes down proposal to call slavery ‘involuntary relocation’ -


Florida law limiting LGBTQ discussions takes effect — and rocks schools -


Jan. 6 Hearings to Resume Next Week With Focus on Domestic Extremists -


Jan. 6 Panel Secures Deal for Cipollone to Be Interviewed -


Former deputy press secretary for Trump to testify at an upcoming January 6 committee hearing -


How Trump World pressures witnesses to deny his possible wrongdoing -


Trump Group Pays for Jan. 6 Lawyers, Raising Concerns of Witness Pressure -


Republicans plot vengeance on Jan. 6 committee -


Rep. Adam Kinzinger releases expletive-laced audio of numerous calls to D.C. office threatening violence -


The Man Helping Drive the Investigation Into Trump’s Push to Keep Power -


7 Trump Allies Subpoenaed in Georgia Criminal Investigation -


Republican push to recruit election deniers as poll workers causes alarm -


Election Integrity Network -


Justice Dept. sues Arizona over requiring proof of citizenship to vote -


NH Supreme Court Declines To Review Partisan Gerrymandering -


Ohio Supreme Court declines to hold Ohio Redistricting Commission in contempt for failure to pass constitutional legislative districts -


Supreme Court ruling completes redistricting for 2022 elections -


Democratic Voters’ Enthusiasm for Midterms Spikes in Wake of Supreme Court’s Abortion Ruling -


On Conservative Radio, Misleading Message Is Clear: ‘Democrats Cheat’ -


On July Fourth, how Americans see their country and their democracy -


'Payoff for 40 Years of Dark Money': Supreme Court Delivers for Corporate America -


GOP megadonors turn on Trump after Jan. 6 hearings, set sights on DeSantis, Pence and other 2024 hopefuls -


New FEC complaint alleges gun manufacturing company violated federal contractor contribution ban -


DOJ is stepping up enforcement of a law that regulates foreign lobbying in Washington -


The Police Groups and Fossil Fuel Corporations Lobbying to Criminalize Protest -


Congress Members Call for Investigation Into Intuit Lobbying, TurboTax Scandals -

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5:00 pm
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