Democracy Happy Hour – June 14, 2023

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Democracy Happy Hour, June 14, 2023 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:

Fix Democracy First Links:

Democracy Happy Hour Upcoming Topics/Schedule:

  • June 21st - Declaration for American Democracy Coalition with Christine Wood, Co-Director
  • June 28, July 5 & July 12 - CANCELED - There are NO Democracy Happy Hour these weeks, as Cindy will be on vacation.
  • July 19th - The Future of AI & Its Impact on Democracy
  • July 26th - Requiring Truthful Content in Political Speech with Tim Love & Bob Viney  


League of Women Voters of WA: Volunteers Needed: What Are Multi-Member Districts and How Do They Work? (Education Project) -


Sign and send the petition to corporate executives: Stop donating to pro-insurrectionist members of Congress! -


Citizen Connect -


14Point3 Campaign -

·      Campaign to disqualify Trump from 2024 ballot -


People Powered Elections Washington -

·      People Powered Elections Washington: Email Sign Up -

Combating Modern Authoritarianism with Community Links:

Fighting back against authoritarianism by Vinay Orekondy -

The Uniquely American Future of US Authoritarianism -


Authoritarian rule threatens America’s democracy -


Secretary Mayorkas Discusses New U.S. Efforts to Counter the Misuse of Technology and the Spread of Digital Authoritarianism at Summit for Democracy -


Five Strategies to Support U.S. Democracy -


How Democracy Can Win - The Right Way to Counter Autocracy -

Democracy in the News Links

Trump Indicted - Trump Is Charged in Classified Documents Inquiry -


Trump arraigned, pleads not guilty to 37 classified documents charges -


Despite serious legal threat, Trump turns day in court into a campaign event -


Trump claims ‘political persecution’ in speech after arraignment -


Fact check: Trump makes numerous false claims in speech after court appearance -


The next steps after Trump’s classified documents indictment, explained -


Georgia is likely next ground zero for Trump’s battle with law enforcement -


Georgia probe of Trump broadens to activities in other states -


Trump-funded studies disputing election fraud are focus in two probes -


Firms Trump hired to investigate fraud claims could help Fulton DA -


Pence files paperwork to launch 2024 presidential campaign -


Christie goes after Trump in presidential campaign launch, calling him a ‘self-serving mirror hog’ -


North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum jumps into crowded Republican race for president -


The 2024 race promises to be ‘very, very active’ in terms of foreign and domestic meddling, says former CISA chief -

A Democracy Crisis In The Making: June 2023 Edition -


Voting Laws Roundup: June 2023 -


These States Made Voting Easier This Year -


Republicans set to push mail ballots, voting methods they previously blasted as recipes for fraud -


The far right's growing influence and 4 other takeaways from NPR's ERIC investigation -


Some GOP states depart, but Alaska will stay with voter fraud prevention network ERIC -


Arizona Supreme Court rejects Republican push to make early voting illegal -


Michiganders can now enroll to automatically receive absentee ballots for every election -


Voting rights restored to formerly incarcerated Minnesotans -


Disabled Mississippians Now Face Even More Hurdles in Voting -


Lawsuit: New ‘ballot harvesting’ law makes voting more difficult for disabled, elderly Mississippians -


Expansive Vote by Mail Bill Moved Through State Legislature as Session Ended -


Tennessee drag ban is unconstitutional, federal judge rules -


New law leaves voter roll cleanup in the hands of state official -


Texas is finally making voting easier for people with disabilities, including a new option to vote by mail -


Supreme Court unexpectedly upholds provision prohibiting racial gerrymandering -


What the Supreme Court’s surprise voting rights ruling means for 2024 -


Ruling in Alabama case could boost suits increasing Black voters’ power in other states -

How the U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Allen v. Milligan Will Impact Ongoing Redistricting Litigation -

Why Supreme Court voting rights decision shocked legal, political worlds -


Here are the major Supreme Court decisions we're still waiting for this term -


‘Trump can’t win’: Koch network releases ads targeting ex-president -


Companies that publicly condemned legislation targeting the LGBTQ+ community send political contributions to state lawmakers who advanced anti-LGBTQ+ bills -


F.B.I. Investigating Spy Ring’s Political Contributions -


Report: Billionaire investor, philanthropist George Soros cedes control of empire to a younger son -


YouTube will no longer take down false claims about U.S. elections -


Now Political Polarization Comes for Marriage Prospects -

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5:00 pm
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