Democracy Happy Hour – June 15, 2022

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Fix Democracy First:

WON (Women in Office Now) –

Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • June 22nd – Inadequacy of American Election Law & Impact on Upcoming Elections w/ panelists:  
  • Michael Otten, President of Reform Elections Now
  • Peter Siris, Director of Research for Reform Elections Now
  • Larry Jay Diamond, Senior Fellow at Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
  • Edward B. Foley, American lawyer, law professor, election law scholar, and former Ohio Solicitor General
  • June 29th – Proportional Representation as a Social Justice Issue w/ Kenia Peregrino from WA for Equitable Representation


  • January 6th Select Committee Hearings:
  • Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.
  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022, at 1:00 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 23, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

DISCLOSE Act Briefing w/ Sen. Whitehouse – June 16th @ 12 pm PT -

Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote – Film Screening & Panel Discussion – July 7th @ 6 pm PT –


The Independent State Legislature Theory Links:

The ‘Independent State Legislature Theory,’ Explained -


What is the “Independent State Legislature Doctrine”? -


The independent-state-legislature theory for congressional maps and liability for cities under the ADA -


A Brief Guide to Independent State Legislature Theory, the Right's Next Big Attack on Democracy Itself -




How the “independent state legislature” doctrine could transform American elections -


The Dangerous Independent State Legislature Theory -


Will the Independent State Legislature doctrine literally mean the end of democracy? -


The Constitutional Law Theory That Could Upend American Elections -


The Independent State Legislature Doctrine, Federal Elections, and State Constitutions -


Supreme Court Poised to Decide within Weeks Whether to Take Up Case Raising “Independent State Legislature” Theory–with Potential Big Implications for 2024 Elections -


Ginni Thomas’ scheme for lawmakers to choose electors could be advanced by high court -

Democracy in the News Links:

6 takeaways from the Jan. 6 committee’s first prime-time hearing -


Jan. 6 hearings: What we’ve learned, and what’s next -


‘Trump Was at the Center’: Jan. 6 Hearing Lays Out Case in Vivid Detail -


Trump Is Depicted as a Would-Be Autocrat Seeking to Hang Onto Power at All Costs -


Jan. 6 Hearing: Barr Says Trump Was ‘Detached From Reality’ -


Jan. 6 Panel Tracks How Trump Created and Spread Election Lies -


Trump’s inner circle warned him election-fraud claims were false -


Jan. 6 Panel Puts Trump Fund-Raising Tactics Under Scrutiny -


Trump Scammed Supporters Out of $250 Million for Nonexistent Fraud Fund -


Donald Trump is unlikely to get nailed with fraud charges over his campaign soliciting donations for a non-existent 'official election defense fund,' experts say -


New details emerge of Oval Office confrontation three days before Jan. 6 -


The January 6th Hearings: Criminal Evidence Tracker Second Edition -


Jan. 6 panel divided over whether to issue criminal referral of Trump -


Does the Justice Department want to charge Trump? Here's what could happen -


Ginni Thomas pressed 29 Ariz. lawmakers to help overturn Trump’s defeat, emails show -


More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trump’s false fraud claims -


Far-Right Republicans Press Closer to Power Over Future Elections -


GOP spends millions on election volunteers to search for fraud -


Inside the Trump-backed effort to take 'control' of elections ahead of 2022 and 2024 -


Women secretaries of state face threats and harassment for battling election lies -


Bipartisan senators reach a general agreement on updating Electoral Count Act -


Bipartisan Senate group strikes gun deal focused on school safety, mental health -


The New National Congressional Map Is Biased Toward Republicans -


Youth voter engagement needs a new framework, according to researchers -


Alaska is having the wildest election of 2022 -


Arizona judge to decide if there will be election rules in place by Aug. 2 primary -


McKee signs Let RI Vote Act into law -


NV Supreme Court to decide fate of ranked-choice voting, open primary ballot initiative -


Portland voters will consider historic changes in city government -


The U.S. Supreme Court is staying out of a legal fight over undated Pa. mail ballots — for now -


'How do you ask somebody to commit a crime for you?': Disabled voters worry about returning their ballot as a Supreme Court ruling looms -


‘We’re not colorblind’: Two years after George Floyd, WA Supreme Court tries to chart a different path on race -


State supreme courts: Bottom of the ballot but top concern if Roe falls -


The Supreme Court Could Foster a New Kind of Civil War -


From bench to book signings, Supreme Court ethics rules pose no barrier -


House sends bill to increase Supreme Court security to Biden -


Even Donald Trump Is Using the Jan. 6 Hearings to Appeal for Donations -


AT&T Was April’s Top Donor to Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn the Election -




National Groups Flooding Local Prosecutor Races With Money -


Meet the group lobbying against climate regulations — using your utility bill -


Taxpaying voters should know how much federal contractors donate to political campaigns -


WA State - Capital gains tax repeal campaign folds -


S.443 - DISCLOSE Act of 2021 -

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July 24, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 24, 2024

Topic: Civic Language Perceptions Project: How Civic Language Unites, Divides, & Motivates American Voters with Amy McIsaac, PACE. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

July 31, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 31, 2024

Topic: Saving Democracy: A User's Manual for Every American with David Pepper. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

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