Democracy Happy Hour – March 16, 2022

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  • Mar 23rd - U.S. Supreme Court: Impact of Recent & Upcoming Decisions
  • Mar 30th - Social Media Management to Support Democracy w/ Jeremy Chase

YO VOTE! (Youth Organizers for Voter Outreach, Teaching & Engagement) -

WON (Women in Office Now) –

Sign Petition - Boeing, Support Our Fundamental Democratic Values - asking Boeing withdraw funding to Jan 6th seditionist Members of Congress -

Free the Vote! Celebrating Voting Rights Restoration in WA – April 7th @ 6 pm -

Redistricting Updates & Final WA Maps Links:

League of Women Voters of WA Redistricting -

LWV of WA - Maps -

Sign up to join Alison's Redistricting Reform Meetings:

WA Redistricting Commission - Final District Maps -

Dave’s Redistricting version of the Commission's FINAL maps:


Politics of the Possible Many Maps -

Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission -

California Citizens Redistricting Commission -

Democracy in the News Links:

2020 Census Undercounted Hispanic, Black and Native American Residents -

Major Census Quality Check Spotlights Persistent Undercounts -

Garland says the Jan. 6 investigation won't end until everyone is held accountable -

The evidence is clear: it’s time to prosecute Donald Trump -

New clues emerge about the money that might have helped fund the Jan. 6 insurrection -

Document in Jan. 6 Case Shows Plan to Storm Government Buildings -

Fearing political violence in 2024, judges sentence Jan. 6 defendants to probation through the next election -

In Wisconsin, a political battle over the 2020 vote still rages -

Colorado county elections official Tina Peters is indicted in probe of alleged tampering with voting equipment -

Rogue county officials spark fear of growing 'insider' threats to elections -

Local Election Officials Survey (March 2022) -

Local election officials are exhausted, under threat and thinking about quitting -

1 in 5 local election officials say they're likely to quit before 2024 -

States Want to Boost Protections for Threatened Local Election Officials -

Georgia House passes sweeping bill with new election policing powers -

Voting rights groups speak out against “Zuckerbucks” bill -

Arizona state senators block a dozen GOP-sponsored election reform bills -

Texas flagged 27,000 mail ballots for rejection in primary -

Harris Co. election workers were 'too exhausted' to count ballots, administrator says -

PA Mail-in voter case awaits state Supreme Court decision. About 2.5M voters could be affected if law is struck down -

Florida lawmakers approve an elections police force, the first of its kind in the U.S. -

'Throwing kerosene on every fire': DeSantis targets Black-held congressional seats. And his own party. -

3 Black women oversee voting access for more than 37 million Americans -

Mailed ballots boosted 2020’s turnout — will they work in 2022? -

Exclusive: MTV launches "Voting Early is Easier" campaign targeting young voters -

Experts say nonpartisan observers are key to restoring faith in elections -

Which states run the best elections? MIT researchers have an answer. -

Elections Performance Index -

Florida voters look to courts to implement new congressional map -

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards vetoes congressional map without new Black district -

Civil rights groups sue Louisiana over state legislative district maps -

Hawaii Supreme Court Mulls Constitutional Requirements In Redistricting Challenge -

Claims of partisan gerrymandering in Md. congressional map go to trial -

Missouri’s one of only four states without new congressional maps. Will lawsuits break the gridlock? -

Ohio coalition emphasizes their fight for 'fair districts' as supreme court deliberates -

Federal judge says he’s staying out of Ohio’s redistricting fight, for now -

Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice -

A Potential Rarity in American Politics: A Fair Congressional Map -

WA voters deserve better than redistricting fiasco -

Why I resigned as chair of the redistricting commission -

Americans want cameras at Supreme Court, but live audio there is on life support -

What to Know About the EPA Supreme Court Case That Could Give Polluters Free Rein -

Ginni Thomas' revelation she went to Jan. 6 rally puts squishy Supreme Court rules in spotlight -

Judicial Diversity Is Not Just Important on the Supreme Court -

Lobbying broke all-time mark in 2021 amid flurry of government spending -

Millions of dollars poured into a ‘dark money’ group tied to billionaire-backed super PAC and efforts to expose voter rolls -

Untraceable cash has infiltrated political campaigns from school boards to president -

House Republicans who challenged Biden's win are losing lots of corporate cash -

Democratic Group Says Trump Is Breaking Campaign Law by Not Declaring for 2024 -

President Biden Nominates New FEC Commissioner -

Supporters of ‘ranked-choice’ elections confident in Missouri initiative -

Florida is on the verge of banning ranked-choice voting -

Oakland Community Groups Launch Campaign to Fight Big Money in Elections -

MisinfoDay – Center for an Informed Public -

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5:00 pm
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February 28, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – Febuary 28, 2024

Topic: Section Two of the 14th Amendment: A Never Enforced Provision of the Constitution with Jared Pettinato & Todd Drezner. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

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