Democracy Happy Hour – March 29, 2023

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  • Apr 5th - Renewing Our Constitutional Democracy with Robert Viney
  • Apr 12th - Democracy by Lottery Part 2 with Nick Coccoma
  • Apr 19th - WA Legislative Recap: What passed? What's next?
  • April 26th - Local Intersections: Working Together to Strengthen Democracy with Caleb Christen


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Mike Pence Ordered to Testify in Jan. 6 Probe -


Meadows, other top Trump aides ordered to testify in Jan. 6 probe as judge rejects claims of executive privilege -


Manhattan Trump grand jury set to break for a month -


Trump repeatedly evokes threat of violence over a potential indictment -


Trump Scoffs at Calls for ‘Peaceful’ Response to Arrest -


Trump extends election-rigging myth to his potential criminal charges -


It's not just Stormy Daniels. Here are ongoing criminal investigations Trump faces -


Four Convicted of Obstruction on Jan. 6 in Final Oath Keepers Trial -


House GOP ignored Capitol Police requests to review public Jan. 6 footage, lawyer says -


Fox Argues Top Executives Weren’t Involved in Voter Fraud Broadcasts -


Election conspiracy movement grinds on as 2024 approaches -


‘Conspiracy theories’ still dominate Arizona Senate Elections Committee -


Georgia’s S.B. 202 Unpacked -


Idaho Senate passes voter ID and registration bill -


Mississippi sets tighter restrictions on absentee ballots -


Youngkin requires people convicted of felonies to apply for voting rights -


Voting rights effort targets those held in jails across US -


Republicans Face Setbacks in Push to Tighten Voting Laws on College Campuses -

Bipartisan former members of Congress call for boost in funding to secure elections -


Securing 2024: Defending US Elections through Investment and Reform -


The battle over abortion is boiling over with lawsuits, bans, and protections that come 9 months after the Supreme Court’s key ruling -


State Supreme Court: Oklahomans have right to life-saving abortions, emergency or not -


Supreme Court declines to hear Kansas racial gerrymandering case, leaves congressional map in force -


WA Supreme Court upholds capital gains tax -


Navajo Nation tells Supreme Court treaty promises Colorado River water -


What will the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision on a Navajo Nation water rights case mean for other tribes? -


US Supreme Court justices get tougher rules for reporting free trips, gifts -


The Conservative Legal Movement Is Coming For Public Defenders Next -


Billionaires George Soros, J.B. Pritzker and the Uihleins pour millions into Wisconsin's Supreme Court race in final weeks -


Costly Court Race Points to a Politicized Future for Judicial Elections -


Gun rights groups continue to target state and federal assault weapons bans amid mass shootings -


FEC hears testimony on use of campaign funds to cover salaries, health care -


Book ban attempts hit record high in 2022, library org says -


Peltola testifies on behalf of Oregon and Minnesota ranked choice voting initiatives -


Towards Proportional Representation for the U.S. House -

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