Democracy Happy Hour – March 30, 2022

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  • Apr 6th – School Board Elections
  • Apr 13th – Open Primaries
  • Apr 20th – The Politics Industry

YO VOTE! (Youth Organizers for Voter Outreach, Teaching & Engagement) -

WON (Women in Office Now) –

Free the Vote! Celebrating Voting Rights Restoration in WA – April 7th @ 6 pm -

Sign Petition - Boeing, Support Our Fundamental Democratic Values - asking Boeing withdraw funding to Jan 6th seditionist Members of Congress -

Democracy in the News Links:

Federal Judge Finds Trump Most Likely Committed Crimes Over 2020 Election -

Jan. 6 White House logs given to House show 7-hour gap in Trump calls -

New Focus on How a Trump Tweet Incited Far-Right Groups Ahead of Jan. 6 -

Jan. 6 Panel Makes Case for Contempt Charges for 2 Former Trump Aides -

Virginia Thomas urged White House chief to pursue unrelenting efforts to overturn the 2020 election, texts show -

Jan. 6 committee to seek interview with Ginni Thomas -

Ethics experts see Ginni Thomas’s texts as a problem for Supreme Court -

Democrats in Congress ask Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from Jan. 6 cases -

House Republican Says Trump Asked Him to Illegally ‘Rescind’ 2020 Election -

As GOP lawmakers push for more election fraud charges, prosecutors find few cases -

The Election Police Are Coming -

‘A Solution Looking for a Problem.’ Voting Rights Advocates Sound Alarm on Election Police Force Units -

1-in-6 Election Officials Report Being Threatened -

Coordinated phishing campaign targeted election officials in nine states, according to FBI -

Midterm mess: States grapple with poll worker and paper shortages -

Biden budget seeks $10 billion over decade to improve elections, make ballots postage-free -

Federal employees get time off to vote, staff polling locations -

White House Releases Report on Native American Voting Rights -

GOP push against ballot drop boxes hits rural places, too -

Bill to ban drive-up voting, curbside drop boxes could harm voters with disabilities, advocates say -

Arizona Senate Approves GOP Bill That Could Spur US’s “Most Extreme Voter Purge” -

Arizona GOP election bill could create an avenue for politically motivated audits, according to Democrats -

Florida Republicans on verge of barring free legal help for election officials -

Nassau County elections website features ‘report election fraud’ button, stoking concern of mistrust -

Local Election Officials in Georgia Oppose G.O.P. Election Bill -

Georgia elections bill gutted in committee vote -

“Throwback to Jim Crow”: New Texas voting law means Black voters' ballots get tossed -

Ambiguous laws leave state's clerks unsure of what's legal during absentee voting -

People with disabilities worry about tougher time voting in Wisconsin -

“Designed to End Protesting”: Louisiana Supreme Court Makes Protesters Guilty by Association -

Why census undercounts are problematic for political representation -

Why redistricting has stalled in 4 unfinished states -

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis vetoes Congressional map in push for heavier GOP gerrymander -

Judge Throws Out Maryland Congressional Map, in Blow to Democrats -

Md. Senate passes new congressional map, which GOP calls gerrymandered, too -

Michigan Supreme Court rejects challenge to state House map -

Ohio Supreme Court sets arguments for challenges to Republican congressional map past May primary election -

Democrats take redistricting challenge to Texas Supreme Court -

DOJ sues Texas county alleging discriminatory redistricting plan -

Supreme Court blocks revised legislative map for Wisconsin that created a new Black voting district -

Sotomayor torches “unprecedented” Supreme Court ruling that could gut protections for Black voters -

Supreme Court Elections May Re-Open Gerrymandering Floodgates in Two Key States -

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most popular Supreme Court nominee in years -

GOP questions for Jackson in her hearings were about midterm messaging — 4 takeaways -

Collins to Back Jackson for Supreme Court, Giving Her a G.O.P. Vote -

Fortenberry convicted on 3 felony counts in campaign finance case -

Republicans rail against liberal ‘dark money,’ oppose laws to disclose donors -


Top corporate lobbying group shows its true colors on climate change -

How Joe Manchin Aided Coal, and Earned Millions -

Home Depot now the biggest corporate donor to 2020 election objectors, analysis finds -

Watchdog: FEC ignored claim that Trump campaign laundered millions -

Revealed: The Biggest Voter Suppressor You’ve Never Heard Of -

Democrats seek SEC action on foreign influence in elections -

Congressman Schiff Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United - - Bill Text -

19 organizations call on Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy to support ban on lawmakers trading stocks - - Congressional Stock Ban Letter -

Republicans see schools as 2022 political battleground -

GOP lawmakers push historic wave of bills targeting rights of LGBTQ teens, children and their families -

Disillusioned With Dems and GOP, Independents Now Largest Voter Group in the US -

Shiny new ballots: Record number of states eyeing ranked-choice voting -

Believe It or Not, Some CA Dems and FL Republicans Agree on Something: Banning Ranked Choice Voting -

Effort to bring ranked choice voting to Clark County kicks off -

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5:00 pm
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Democracy Happy Hour – Febuary 28, 2024

Topic: Section Two of the 14th Amendment: A Never Enforced Provision of the Constitution with Jared Pettinato & Todd Drezner. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

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