Democracy Happy Hour – March 9, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, March 9, 2022 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:


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Actions, Events & Misc. Links:

DONATE to Fix Democracy First or Fix Democracy First Education Fund @

Upcoming topics in March:

  • Mar 16th - Redistricting Updates & Final WA Maps w/ Alison McCaffree, LWVWA
  • Mar 23rd - U.S. Supreme Court: Impact of Recent & Upcoming Decisions
  • Mar 30th - Social Media Management to Support Democracy w/ Jeremy Chase

YO VOTE! (Youth Organizers for Voter Outreach, Teaching & Engagement) -

WON (Women in Office Now) –

Training Module 2 – March 22nd @ 6 pm - WHERE TO START? QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF -

Meaningful Movies Project is looking for a new Program Manager -

Sign Petition - Boeing, Support Our Fundamental Democratic Values - asking Boeing withdraw funding to Jan 6th seditionist Members of Congress -

Free the Vote! Celebrating Voting Rights Restoration in WA – April 7th @ 6 pm -

WA 2022 Legislative Recap Links:

Democracy Bills that PASSED (some bills are awaiting approval of any final amendments before going to the Governor to sign):

Prison Gerrymandering: SB 5583 – Local redistricting to reflect last known residence for incarcerated persons

Community Councils: HB 1769 – Sunsetting Community Councils

Weapon Restrictions: HB 1630 - Establishing restrictions on the possession of weapons in certain locations.

Campaign Funds for Child Care: SB 5855 - Concerning the use of campaign funds to reimburse expenses for child care and other caregiving services.

Ballot Impact Statements: HB 1876 - Adds a fiscal impact statement to ballot measures

Voter Privacy Information: HB 1953 - Exempting sensitive voter information on ballot return envelopes, ballot declarations, and signature correction forms from public disclosure.

Ballot Casting Locations: HB 1716 - Concerning locations at which ballots may be cast.

Democracy Bills that did NOT Pass:

SB 5597 – WA Voting Rights Act Enhancements

SB 5636 – Expanding & Enhancing Automatic Voter Registration

HB 1156 & SB 5584  – Local Options for Ranked Choice Voting

HB 1926 & SB 5851 – RCV for Presidential Primaries

SB 5560 – Procedures for approval & submission of the redistricting plan

SB 5182 Eliminating Advisory Votes

HB 1618 – Prohibiting weapons at election-related offices

HB 1727 – Eliminating Odd-Year Elections

HB 1919 – Public Disclosure Commission Recommendations

SB 5148 Concerning the harassment of election officials.

HB 1910 – Conservation District Elections

SB 5170 – Close the Revolving Door – Employment after public service

HB 1485 – Women's Suffrage Day a Legal Holiday

Democracy in the News Links:

Jan. 6 committee alleges Trump, allies engaged in potential ‘criminal conspiracy’ by trying to block Congress from certifying election -

Inside the Jan. 6 committee’s effort to trace every dollar raised and spent based on Trump’s false election claims -

Former Proud Boys Leader Indicted in Jan. 6 Investigation -

Texas Man Convicted in First Jan. 6 Trial -

New evidence shows Trump was told many times there was no voter fraud — but he kept saying it anyway -

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he plans to sue 'all machines' over false election fraud claims -

Mark Meadows Spread Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims. Now His Voting Record Is Under Scrutiny. -

Trump Just Endorsed an Oath Keeper’s Plan to Seize Control of the Republican Party -

Trump wants to control who votes in primaries. Will anyone stand up to this? -

New Michigan audit debunks dead voter theory in 2020 election -

Estimated Costs for Protecting Election Infrastructure Against Insider Threats -

Experts warn increased threats on officials could spark violence ahead of election -

Threats, vilification and screaming parents: The death of public service -

Activists say debates over Ukraine, Supreme Court nomination show the importance of voting rights -

On 'Bloody Sunday,' Harris reflects on the current fight for voting rights -

'We're very concerned': Black voters fear changes to Georgia voting laws -

Alabama elections bill faces pushback from voting rights advocates -

Florida Senate Passes Voting Bill to Create Election Crimes Agency -

Here's what the March 1 primary taught us about Texas' new voting law -

Many voting locations throughout Texas did not open because of staff shortages -

New restrictions causing roadblocks for voters with disabilities -

New York is about to let noncitizens vote. It could reshape local politics forever. -

WA redistricting commission chair resigns after Democrats refuse to defend new maps -

Ohio Republicans urge State Supreme court to OK latest state legislative maps; Dems urge court to have someone else draw them -

Ohio's new congressional district map faces another court challenge -

Florida Supreme Court upholds new state legislative districts -

What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State -

Lawmakers may change how Kansas Supreme Court justices are picked as redistricting case looms -

Supreme Court Allows Court-Imposed Voting Maps in North Carolina and Pennsylvania -

Wisconsin Republicans to appeal redistricting case to U.S. Supreme Court -

Supreme Court stays out of key state rulings on partisan gerrymandering, for now -

Updated Katz Study: Substantial Decline in the Number of Cases Brought Under Section 2 of The Voting Rights Act and Plaintiffs’ Success in Winning Them -

States Aren’t Waiting for the Supreme Court to Tighten Abortion Laws -

C.I.A. Black Sites Are State Secrets, the Supreme Court Rules -

Supreme Court Grapples With EPA Authority on Climate Change -

Religious Objectors to LGBTQ Equality Will Return to the Supreme Court -

The Dark Money Groups Spending Big To Shape The Supreme Court Are The Same Groups That Spent Millions Pushing Trump’s Big Lie And Funding Insurrectionists -

Billionaire-Backed Group Enlists Trump-Supporting Citizens to Hunt for Voter Fraud Using Discredited Techniques -

High-powered dark money group seeks to disbar 100+ Trump election lawyers -

Turning the Focus on America’s Oligarchs -

How private money and dark money undermine public education -

WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson announces $9M settlement in grocery industry campaign-finance case -

Congress finally passed a federal anti-lynching bill — after 120 years of failure -
Congress passes bill to shore up Postal Service, delivery -

American Democracy Is Broken. Can Proportional Representation Fix It? -

Women make strides in government, but still far from parity -

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