Democracy Happy Hour – May 18, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, May 18, 2022 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:

Actions, Events & Misc. Links:

Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • May 25th – The Precinct Strategy: What is it and why?
  • June 1st – Tracking Money in Elections
  • June 8th – Proportional Representation as a Social Justice Issue w/ More Equitable Representation
  • June 15 th – The Independent State Legislature Theory

YO VOTE! (Youth Organizers for Voter Outreach, Teaching & Engagement) -

WON (Women in Office Now) –

Campaign Finance – May 31st @ 6 pm – w/ guest speaker Scott Haley from the PDC – Register @


  • Senator T'wina Nobles, 28th LD
  • Representative Mia Gregerson, LD 33
  • Port of Tacoma Commissioner Kristin Ang

January 6th Commission Hearing Watch Event – June 9th @ 5 pm PT (time is tentative) – Register @

Suppressed and Sabotaged: The Fight to Vote – July 7th @ 6 pm PT – Screening & Panel Discussion – Register @

Panelists will include local and national activists, and Robert Greenwald from Brave New Film’s will introduce the film.

ACTIONS – Voter Registration:

Ranked Choice Voting Local Campaigns: Clark & San Juan Counties Links:

FairVote WA -

All the FairVote Washington events are on Mobilize -

Email FairVote WA @

Clark County – Yes on Ranked-Choice Voting – Campaign page -

Clark County Campaign Phone Bank -

San Juan County campaign kickoff -

"Why Ranked-Choice Voting Works" online sessions - This is the starting place to learn more about RCV and how to get involved in the movement here in Washington. Twice-monthly, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. -

Ranked Choice Voting – How it works -

Details about Ranked Choice Voting -

The Alternative Vote Explained – Voting in the Animal Kingdom -

Democracy in the News Links:

Justice Dept. Requests Transcripts From Jan. 6 Committee -

Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas 5 Republicans, Including McCarthy -

January 6 committee finalizing witness list and topics ahead of high-stakes hearings in June -

Senior Trump official at State met with election denial activists Jan. 6 -

Surveying Evidence of How Trump’s Actions Activated Jan. 6 Rioters -

Prosecutors Pursue Inquiry Into Trump’s Handling of Classified Material -

More Republicans are working to undermine Trump endorsements -

Trump-endorsed candidates get mixed results in Tuesday’s primaries -

Trump encourages Oz to declare victory in too-close-to-call Pennsylvania Senate race -

Live Primary Results: Tuesday’s Key Races -

Election officials in Arizona, other battleground states, stand up against restrictive voting laws -

Revealed: election conspiracy theorists work as election officials across Georgia -

Georgia county under scrutiny after claim of post-election breach -

Judge allows Georgia voting rights trial to continue -

Trump allies, RNC officials set for 'election integrity' summit in Detroit -

Voting changes win approval in Missouri House, now head to governor -

MT Supreme Court restores GOP laws adding voter ID restrictions, ending Election Day registration -

New York eyes its own voting rights act after failure at the federal level -

Court Must Reconsider Case of Woman Sentenced to 5 Years for Voter Fraud -

Sham Election Police Forces Are a Front for Voter Intimidation -

Election officials make their voices heard as battleground states debate voting laws -

Civil rights, public interest groups urge social media giants to stop spread of disinformation before Midterm election -

Democracy is at stake in the midterms. The media must convey that. -

Alaska judge orders board to adopt interim redistricting map -

Florida judge blocks DeSantis’ congressional redistricting effort -

Florida voting rights groups hope to rush redistricting case to state Supreme Court -

Supreme Court of Kansas explores constitutionality of revised congressional redistricting map -

N.H. Supreme Court Rules On Congressional Redistricting Maps -

Court expert draws more GOP-friendly New York political maps -

Redistricting commission again answers for contempt charges -

Utah Legislature pushes back on gerrymandering lawsuit as legal battles gear up across U.S. -

Neighborhoods like Yesler Terrace could see changes as Seattle reshapes City Council districts -

Primaries spotlight coming battles over state supreme courts -

The 5th Circuit’s Reinstatement of Texas’ Internet Censorship Law Could Break Social Media -

Tech firms ask U.S. Supreme Court to block Texas social media law -

State constitutions loom as the next front in abortion battle -

Besides abortion ruling, Supreme Court taking on many high-profile cases -

Alito’s draft opinion overturning Roe is still the only one circulated inside Supreme Court -

DHS preparing for violence following abortion ruling -

Supreme Court sides with Sen. Ted Cruz in campaign finance case -

The Supreme Court just made it much easier to bribe a member of Congress -

Supreme Court makes latest slice in McCain-Feingold’s ‘death by 1,000 cuts’ -

House Judiciary Committee approves Supreme Court ethics overhaul -

New law toughens stock disclosure requirements for federal judges; separate ethics bill faces 'steep climb' -

Trust In Supreme Court Drops To New Low, Poll Finds As Ethics Bill Moves Forward In House -

Crypto industry wields its influence in Washington after pouring over $30 million into campaigns -

The Trailer: ‘The Empire Strikes Back’: A wave of PAC money buries left-wing Democrats -

Progressive Democratic House candidates are being hammered by outside spenders ahead of primaries -

Bernie Sanders calls out DNC after billionaires use super PACs to try to “buy Democratic primaries” -

The Little Red Boxes Making a Mockery of Campaign Finance Laws -

Example -

New Index Ranks U.S. #1 in Offering Financial Secrecy to the Criminal and Corrupt -

Ranked-choice voting, open primaries gather enough signatures to make Nevada ballot -

It’s time to build a global pro-democracy movement -

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Democracy Happy Hour – April 24, 2024

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Democracy Happy Hour – May 1, 2024

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May 8, 2024
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