Democracy Happy Hour – May 24, 2023

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Democracy Happy Hour, May 24, 2023 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:

Fix Democracy First Links:

  • Fix Democracy First 20th Anniversary Celebration - SAVE THE DATE! – Saturday, September 9, 2023 – Bloedel Hall @ St. Mark’s in Seattle - More details to come!
  • You can view past Democracy Happy Hour recordings on our Past Events page @

Democracy Happy Hour Upcoming Topics/Schedule:

  • May 31st - What is the Federalist Society and what does it want from our courts? with Nick Licata
  • June 7th - CANCELED - No Democracy Happy Hour this week
  • June 14th - Fighting Back Against Authoritarianism with Vinay Orekondy  
  • June 21st - Declaration for American Democracy Coalition with Christine Wood, Co-Directo


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Democracy in the News Links

Georgia Prosecutor Signals August Timetable for Charges in Trump Inquiry -


Trump makes video appearance in New York criminal case, trial date set for March primary season -


Trump was warned about retaining classified documents, notes reveal -


Prosecutors Sought Records on Trump’s Foreign Business Deals Since 2017 -


D.C. police officer arrested, accused of leaking info to Proud Boys leader -


Trump's 2025 vision, revealed -


The deepening radicalization of Donald J. Trump -


Ron DeSantis Starts His Campaign, Hoping to Topple Trump -


DeSantis Floats ‘7-2 Conservative Majority’ on Supreme Court -


Why Republican-led states keep leaving a group that verifies voter rolls -


Congress Can Restore Voting Rights for Nearly 3.5 Million Americans -


30 years after the NVRA, we’re still fighting for voting rights -


Is drawing a voting map that helps a political party illegal? Only in some states -


‘Beware, your life is not valued’: NAACP travel advisory warns Florida is ‘openly hostile toward African Americans’ -


NAACP Issues Travel Advisory in Florida -


Federal judge throws out Miami district map over allegations of racial gerrymandering -


Georgia election chief on Trump 2020 claims: 'Every point that he raised, we've disproven it' -


New Indiana law adds identity requirements for mail-in voting -


TikTok sues Montana to block ban, citing First Amendment -


Montana influencers file lawsuit on state TikTok ban in federal court -


Senate budget would repeal NC’s membership in ERIC -


Texas set to exit multistate program that cleans voter rolls -

Florida and Texas Go After Voters for Honest Mistakes -


Republicans Are Trying to Seize Control Over Voting in Texas’ Largest Democratic County -


Texas pushes church into state with bills on school chaplains, Ten Commandments -


Voter registration is getting simpler in Washington state -


Washington voters can soon register online with partial Social Security number -


The Republican-Backed Group Behind the Surge of GOP Election Lawsuits -


Supreme Court rules for Google, Twitter on terror-related content -


Supreme Court punts Section 230 debate back to Congress -


Supreme Court Dismisses Case on Pandemic-Era Immigration Measure -

Supreme Court refuses to block assault weapons bans in Illinois -


U.S. Supreme Court Will Review South Carolina Racial Gerrymandering Case Next Term -


What's Happening in the Supreme Court's Shadows Is Shaping America -


Abortion ruling sends trust in Supreme Court to 50-year low, new poll finds -


Dark Money’s Behind The Debt Ceiling Plan To Punish The Poor -


Big Banks Surge Cash to First-term Lawmakers That Oversee Them -


ALEC Is Using Wolf-PAC to Help the Right Rewrite the Constitution -


School librarians face a new penalty in the banned-book wars: Prison -


Book removals may have violated student civil rights, Education Dept. says -


False claims of a stolen election thrive unchecked on Twitter even as Musk promises otherwise -

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5:00 pm
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May 29, 2024
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June 5, 2024
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