Democracy Happy Hour – Nov 17, 2021

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  • Nov 24th - WA Redistricting Update: What’s Next w/ Alison McCaffree
  • Dec 1st – Proportional Representation w/ special guests from WA for Equitable Democracy

WA Redistricting:


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Civics for Adults -

Democracy in the News Links:

Bannon Indicted on Contempt Charges Over House’s Capitol Riot Inquiry -

Trump White House records can be turned over to House Jan. 6 investigative committee, judge rules -

Trump allies pressed Defense Department to help overturn election, new book says -

At least 13 Trump officials illegally campaigned while in office, federal investigation finds -

Hatch Act requires government employees to work for the public interest, not partisan campaigns -

The much-maligned Arizona election audit reinforced doubt about the 2020 election results, according to a new poll -

Michigan GOP's latest vote-crushing scheme could eliminate 20% of polling sites -

Wyoming GOP votes to no longer recognize Cheney as a Republican -

Republicans Cling to Voter Fraud Claims – at Their Own Peril -

The Election Sabotage Scheme -

Renewed urgency surrounds statewide campaigns as candidates cast doubts on elections -

‘Terrifying for American democracy’: is Trump planning for a 2024 coup? -

Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology -

Voting rights reform among Senate Democrats' end-of-year priorities -

Filibuster Reform Forum -

Protesters march on Washington in support of voting rights, filibuster change -

ALEC “Academy” Featured a Who’s Who of Voter Suppression Leaders -

Electile Dysfunction: How to Fix Our Government -

Inslee selects Democratic Sen. Steve Hobbs to temporarily replace Republican Wyman as Washington secretary of state -

Washington redistricting commission admits failure to meet deadline for new political maps -

In a first, court will decide new WA redistricting plan as commission falters -

Washington’s redistricting commission emerges Tuesday night, post-deadline, with agreement on boundaries. What’s next? -

Gerrymandering surges as states redraw maps for House seats -

Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge -

Why gerrymandered congressional maps give Republicans a baked-in advantage to regain control -

Redistricting efforts could destroy Black and Latino political power. Advocates are sounding the alarm. -

Civil Rights Groups Sue Texas Governor Citing Voting Rights Act Violations -

How a Cure for Gerrymandering Left U.S. Politics Ailing in New Ways -

No One Is Prepared for the New Gerrymanders -

The GOP’s Redistricting Loophole -

Judges Can’t Hear Cases When There’s a Conflict of Interest? Some Do. -

Supreme Court's Watergate-era rulings against Nixon may end Trump's executive privilege claims -

Americans broadly support Supreme Court upholding Roe v. Wade and oppose Texas abortion law, Post-ABC poll finds -

The Power of State Courts in Securing Abortion Access: “It’s Time to Give Them Center Stage” -

America is at a crossroads. The supreme court may decide which way it goes -

Why the Supreme Court needs an ethics code -

Mockery of justice: Jury deciding fate of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers highlights a nation’s failure to prevent racist jury strikes -

The FEC relies on candidates' 'good faith' when it comes to foreign donations. But the agency's inspector general says that's 'insufficient oversight' and poses a 'national security risk.' -

Money, denials and stalling: How Trump, the Mercers and the GOP beat the FEC -

Bipartisan group on Capitol Hill aims to close foreign money loophole on ballot initiatives -

Donors threatened to shun the GOP after Jan. 6. Now, Republicans are outraising Democrats. -

Republican lobbyists are "frustrated," push corporate PACs to resume contributions -

Business executives and wealthy Republican donors helped fund attacks on critical race theory during campaigns -

Top House Dem Buys Stock in Pharma Companies and Defense Contractors -

Pharma Front Group Has Spent $1.2 Million Backing Sinema -

GOP billionaire Ken Langone says he will hold a fundraiser for Democrat Joe Manchin, who has worked to shrink Biden’s agenda -

Sen. Joe Manchin Has Raised Money From At Least 50 Billionaires In The Last 5 Years -

Republican Billionaires Are Donating to Manchin and Sinema -

Yet More Lawmakers Apparently Violate House Stock-Trading Rules -

Small Donor Public Financing Plays Role in Electing Most Diverse New York City Council -

Reasons given for not voting by registered voters -

Bipartisan commission urges US take immediate steps to curb online misinformation -

Report suggests plan for limiting election disinformation -

As a Matter of Fact: The Harms Caused by Election Disinformation Report -

Voter Empowerment Plan -

Veterans outperform non-veterans in civic engagement -

Impact of Polarization in Local Government Links:

Death threats, online abuse, police protection: School board members face dark new reality -

Backlash to school books centering on race, sex and LGBTQ people turns into conservative rallying cry -

Disinformation Fuels Distrust And Even Violence At All Levels Of Government -

Political polarisation impedes the public policy response to COVID-19 -

UW: Research explores impact of political polarization on health and policy -

Republicans and Democrats Move Further Apart in Views of Voting Access -

Affective polarization, local contexts and public opinion in America -

Party and Ideology in American Local Government: An Appraisal -

The Decline of Local News and its Effect on Polarization -

Are Local Politics As Polarized As National? Depends on the Issue. -

Keeping Political Partisanship Out of Local Government -

SSIR Guide to Overcoming Polarization -

Teaching in an Era of Polarization -

Are public meetings getting stale? How one city made public meetings more participatory. -

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July 24, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 24, 2024

Topic: Civic Language Perceptions Project: How Civic Language Unites, Divides, & Motivates American Voters with Amy McIsaac, PACE. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

July 31, 2024
Democracy Happy Hour – July 31, 2024

Topic: Saving Democracy: A User's Manual for Every American with David Pepper. Join us from 5-6:30pm PT for a weekly discussion about our democracy.

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