Democracy Happy Hour – November 1, 2023

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Democracy Happy Hour, Nov 1, 2023 - Meeting Recordings:

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Democracy Happy Hour Upcoming Topics/Schedule:

  • Nov 8 - How to Get Involved with Local Actions, Daniel Weise, Take Action Network
  • Nov 15 - Avoiding Election Misinformation with DeMario Phipps-Smith, News Literacy Project, Senior Manager of Community Learning
  • Nov 22 - CANCELED - No Democracy Happy Hour this week - Happy Thanksgiving!
  • Nov 29 - The Path to Full Voting Rights Restoration with Anthony Blankenship, Civil Survival



LWVWA Lobby Team Gears up for Action Workshop (Dec 2, 2023) and Lobby Week (Jan 22-26, 2024) -

Sign the petition to President Biden: Act now to protect democracy -

CivXNow Educator Advocacy Program Sign Up – Looking for current & retired educators -

Citizen Connect -

Redrawing Washington's 15th Legislative District Links:

Democracy in the News Links

Judge reimposes restrictions on Trump’s speech in Jan. 6 case -

US judge asks Trump if he wants his federal election trial televised -

What Guilty Pleas in Georgia Mean for the Federal Case Against Trump -

Trump’s Children Are Set to Take the Stand at His Fraud Trial This Week -

How Trump critics hope to use the 14th Amendment to kick him off ballots -

Lawyers argue whether the Constitution’s ‘insurrection’ clause blocks Trump from the 2024 ballot -

Expert says Trump could have defended Capitol on Jan. 6 as disqualification case enters new phase -

What we learned from our Florida voting rights investigation -

Georgia’s Voting Maps Are Struck Down -

Georgia’s congressional map violates Voting Rights Act, court finds -

Judge rules Georgia’s political maps must be redrawn before 2024 elections -

Georgia voter intimidation trial begins after 250K registrations challenged -

5th Circuit Upholds Consent Decree for Louisiana Supreme Court Justice Elections -

N.C. Republicans pass redistricting map expected to flip 3 House seats -

Democrats vow to challenge North Carolina's new voting district maps, claim racial gerrymandering -

Anatomy of a North Carolina Gerrymander -

Virginia Admitted to Wrongfully Removing 3,400 Voters. Can It Recover Ahead of Pivotal Elections? -

Supreme Court Weighs When Officials May Block Citizens on Social Media -

US judge, scholars urge Supreme Court term limits in bipartisan push -

‘Get the right cases to the supreme court’: inside Charles Koch’s network -

Clarence Thomas’s RV loan was forgiven, Senate committee report says -

Democrats plan to subpoena wealthy benefactors of Supreme Court justices -

Trump-skeptical GOP rainmakers are taking another look at Trump -

Joe Manchin grows $11 million war chest as he mulls 2024 election plans -

Spending passes $17M in Pennsylvania high court campaign as billionaires, unions and lawyers dig in -

Outside interests spend more than $1M on Seattle City Council races -

Realtors, unions, Nirvana’s bassist: $1.3M in PAC spending in Seattle -

It takes lots of money to win elections. Here's what you need to know -

Defense contractors spent $70 million lobbying ahead of annual defense budget bill -

Sen. Josh Hawley introduces ban on political spending by publicly-traded corporations -

Mitch McConnell warns GOP senators they’ll face ‘incoming’ if they back Hawley bill to limit corporate giving in campaigns -

11% of the world’s billionaires have held or sought political office -

President Biden Issues Executive Order on Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence -

The politics of Biden’s vast new AI order -

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