Democracy Happy Hour – November 16, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, November 16, 2022 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:

Fix Democracy First links:

Upcoming Topics:

  • Nov 23 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Nov 30 – Share your favorite democracy themed book or documentary
  • Dec 7 – Moore v Harper: Opening Arguments
  • Dec 14 – Is the US a Republic, Democracy or Both?
  • Dec 21 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Dec 28 NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break


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Creating an Inter-Movement "Generative Change" Community to Save & Strengthen Our Democratic Republic Links:

Creating an Inter-Movement "Generative Change" Community to Save & Strengthen Our Democratic Republic with Walter Roberts & Caleb Christen

Walt, Caleb and others are hosting a monthly Inter-Movement Community Forum intended to help the Cross-Partisan / Multi-Movement "strengthening democracy" ecosystem embrace, constitute and express itself as a generative change community for the long term work of co-creating the Democracy 3.0 / We the People 4.0 future we seek while also doing our respective parts to stave off the ongoing threats to the core pillars of our democratic/republic.

Caleb Christen is a lawyer, a senior officer in the Navy Reserve JAG Corps, a seminarian, and a member of an independent Critical Connections team catalyzing inter-movement community and capacity building among democracy and civic health-promoting organizations to achieve collective impact. Caleb is also currently authoring an "Organizing for Collective Impact" article series in The Fulcrum.

Walt Roberts is a "volunteer" independent actor and co-creator of the "Critical Connection Forum" that offers diverse leaders and stakeholders in the Cross-Partisan Reform / Bridge / Solutions (Healthy Democracy) Ecosystem the opportunity to explore and develop inter-movement "key lever endeavors" that include strategies, communication campaigns, conferences, infrastructure, coordinated actions and programs.

Fix Democracy First / Inter-Movement Community Forum -


Rachel Kleinfeld's Five Strategies to Support US Democracy

  • This working paper is/will be important  to those who are working to build (or be ready for) a pro-democracy mass-movement.
  • As Rachel Kleinfeld points out,  "The community supporting U.S. democracy needs a better strategy.
  • Strategy #4 “Build a broad-based, multi-stranded, pro-democracy movement around a positive vision concretized in locally rooted action”
  • The Inter-Movement Community Forum is about helping the "community supporting US democracy" to:

1) experience and express Itself as a community and

2) to help democracy community organizers develop synergistic strategies, projects, actions and infrastructures more effectively and efficiently.  

Democracy in the News Links:

A bill to ensure federal recognition of same-sex marriage rights passes a crucial test in the Senate. -

Trump Announces 2024 Run, Repeating Lies and Exaggerating Record -

Trump’s 2024 candidacy won’t stop Justice Dept. criminal probes -

Jan. 6 panel weighs ‘next steps’ after Trump fails to show for deposition -

The Constitution’s Disqualification Clause Can Be Enforced Today -


Fulton County, Georgia’s Trump Investigation -

Documents detail lavish foreign government spending at Trump Hotel -

Future of American democracy loomed large in voters’ minds -

How election officials staved off chaos at polling places Tuesday -

Fact check: 2022 midterm election was secure, contrary to claim of mail-in ballot fraud -

Most Republicans Believe Midterms Were ‘Free And Fair,’ Poll Finds As Fraud Fears Fall Flat -

Election Denial Didn’t Play as Well as Republicans Hoped -

Election Day saw few major problems, despite new voting laws -

2022 Election: Young Voters Have High Midterm Turnout, Influence Critical Races -

Election deniers lose races for key state offices in every 2020 battleground -

Voters Reject Election Deniers Running to Take Over Elections -

Trump’s election conspiracy boosters largely accept their own defeats -

Trump Under Fire From Within G.O.P. After Midterms -

Democrats Hold the Senate, as Cortez Masto Ekes Out a Victory in Nevada -

Raphael Warnock sues Georgia over early voting restrictions for runoff -

Republicans Gain Control of House -

Top Republicans Face Dissent as McCarthy Wins G.O.P. Nod for Speaker -

Alaska Senate race headed to ranked-choice runoff -

Arizona voters back ballot measure taking aim at ‘dark money’ -

Oakland just passed a bill to give residents $100 to donate to local campaigns. Here’s why it matters -

Nevada voters back big changes to their election system -

Ranked choice voting approved in Multnomah County -

Portland voters approve charter reform, city launches transition -

Democrat Marie Gluesenkamp Perez defeats Republican Joe Kent in WA House race -

Seattle initiative to implement ranked choice voting narrowly winning -

Seattle RCV Numbers -

Washington 2022 local ballot measures -

WA State Voter Turnout -

A Democracy Crisis Was Averted. But Gerrymandering Could Still Save the GOP. -

How the Supreme Court Likely Handed Control of the House to Republicans -

With the state Supreme Court flipped, North Carolina likely to redraw maps to help national GOP in 2024 -

Triumphs and Setbacks in Efforts to Reshape State Supreme Courts -

Millions Poured into State High Court Races Gain Parties Little -

State Supreme Court wins shaped by abortion, redistricting -

A Senate in Democratic hands clears the path for Biden to keep remaking the courts -

Schumer Said to Prioritize Judges When Lame Duck Begins -

What Is the Federalist Society and Its Connection to Supreme Court Judges? -

Negative outside spending accounts for 69% of the $2.1 billion spent in federal 2022 midterms -

Some of 2022’s most expensive U.S. Senate races too close to call after Election Day -

How a surprising Democratic strategy may have staved off the midterm red wave -

Questions about Donald Trump’s campaign money, answered -

Advocates fear super PAC spending could undermine public financing of campaigns -

ALEC Eyes Sweeping Government Blacklists -


FEC targets digital ad disclosure -

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