Democracy Happy Hour—November 2, 2022

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  • Nov 9 - Midterm Election Report
  • Nov 16 – Creating an Inter-Movement "Generative Change" Community to Save & Strengthen Our Democratic Republic with Walter Roberts & Caleb Christen
  • Nov 23 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Nov 30 – Share your favorite democracy themed book or documentary


Election Information & Actions:


Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in Washington State:

WA Groups & Actions:

National Actions:

The Midterms: What can we expect? Links:

Early Voting Signals High Turnout in U.S. Midterms -

As many as 60 million people may vote by mail this year -

Elections 2022 live updates: Latest midterm news with early voting underway -

Turnout in U.S. has soared in recent elections but by some measures still trails that of many other countries -

Concerns About Inflation Rise Heading Into The Midterms, Quinnipiac University National Poll Finds; Republicans Have Edge In Enthusiasm To Vote -

What Issues Are Most Important for You Leading Up to the Midterm Elections? -

Election Day is Nov. 8, but legal challenges already begin -

State courts are fielding a sky-high number of lawsuits ahead of the midterms -

Judge Curbs Actions of Election-Monitoring Group in Arizona -

Hand vote count on hold after Nevada high court says illegal -

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Blocks Counting of Wrongly Dated & Undated Mail-in Ballots -

New York Court Upholds Two Absentee Voting Laws -

‘Raise the challenge’: Eastman exhorts poll watchers to build a record -

GOP push to monitor voting in Texas’s Harris County spurs outcry -

Two in five U.S. voters worry about intimidation at polls -

‘A madness has taken hold’ ahead of US midterms: local election officials fear for safety -

Officials brace for unprecedented efforts to disrupt 2022 vote -

‘Our security here is a joke’: Election workers lament lack of federal spending on security ahead of crucial midterms -

Poll workers train for conflict: ‘A little nervous? I am.’ -

Trouble ahead? Most Republicans don't trust midterm election count to be fair, poll finds -

7 Facts About Voting — and Myths Being Spread About Them -

The critical role secretaries of state will play in midterm elections -

2022 Midterm Election Forecast – FiveThirtyEight -

Midterm Elections 2022: The Must-Watch Races That Will Decide The Senate -

Senate Control Hinges on Neck-and-Neck Races, Times/Siena Poll Finds -

In 5 key battlegrounds, most GOP state legislative nominees are election deniers, report finds -

Top Democrats Question Their Party’s Strategy as Midterm Worries Grow -

The Most Important Elections Of 2022 Could Be In State Legislatures -

These are the key 2022 general election races in Washington state -

WA State Elections – Results & Other Info -

Ballot Measures Roundup -

Michigan Proposal 2 -,_Voting_Policies_in_Constitution_Amendment_(2022)

Nevada – Question 3 -

Oakland – Measure W – Fair Elections Act -

Oregon - One Ballot, Two Different Types Of Ranked Choice Voting -

A GUIDE TO PORTLAND’S CHARTER CHANGE - Questions about ballot measure 26-228 -


It’s normal not to know the official results on election night. Here’s why -

A red vs. blue paradigm shift in uniquely dangerous elections -

A Self-Care Guide to Help You Get Through Election Day -

Democracy in the News Links:

Native American Heritage Month -

The Facts About the Attack on Paul Pelosi, According to Prosecutors -

The January 6th Hearings: Criminal Evidence Tracker – Trump Subpoena Edition -

Inside the secretive effort by Trump allies to access voting machines -

Supreme Court Rules That Lindsey Graham Must Testify in Georgia Inquiry -

Top national security prosecutor joins Trump Mar-a-Lago investigation -

The truth about election fraud: It’s rare -

Threats against judges skyrocketed during the Trump era, and experts are now fearing for the worst -

As Stakes Rise, State Supreme Courts Become Crucial Election Battlegrounds -

Roberts Extends Freeze on House’s Attempt to Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns -

Supreme Court Seems Ready to Throw Out Race-Based College Admissions -

Highlights: Supreme Court Hears Affirmative Action Cases From Harvard and U.N.C. -


Behind U.S. Supreme Court race cases, a contested push for 'color blindness' -

National government associations and legal scholars want U.S. Supreme Court to reject NC Republicans’ theory on elections -

Biden administration urges Supreme Court to reject 'extraordinarily disruptive' theory in major elections case -

U.S. Supreme Court being asked to remove last vestige of Jim Crow from state Constitution -

Google, Facebook And Other Internet Forums Face Supreme Court Reckoning – Report -

Majority of Americans Want Supreme Court Reform, Here's How it Could Work -

Solicitor General Calls Out Stunning Lack Of Women Arguing Supreme Court Cases -

Federal lobbying topped $3 billion through third quarter for the first time ever -

Outside spending adds to GOP midterm momentum -

House, Senate Republican candidates entering midterms with cash to burn, big ad spending -

Republicans’ Secret Swing-Seat Weapon? Dozens of Rich Nominees. -


Oil companies helping fund Republican takeover plans -

Leonard Leo’s ‘Dark Money’ Group Donates Millions to Back Republican State Campaigns -

Trump Has Shifted More Than $1.4 Million Of Donor Money Into His Private Business This Election Cycle -

Gen Z Candidates Raising Funds for 2022 Midterms Campaigns Are Defying Expectations -

Meta is making millions off political ads from fake ‘pink slime’ newsrooms -

Meta fined $24.7M for campaign finance disclosure violations -

Fortune 500 Companies Have Given Millions to Election Deniers Since Jan. 6 -

Amazon puts January 6 in the rearview mirror: "It's been more than 21 months" -

Churches are breaking the law and endorsing in elections, experts say. The IRS looks the other way. -

You, Poor Voter, Must Stand Back and Watch as Billionaire Plutocrats Purchase Democracy -

Taking on Corporations and Special Interests Obstructing Progress -

Monitoring Influence -

Elon Musk bought Twitter. Now what? -

You’ve decided to quit Twitter. Here’s what you can use to replace it. -

Elon Musk Takes Over Twitter, Can We Stop Wasting Time on Campaign Finance Reform? -

Through local reform, women of color are re-imagining democracy -

How to Save America From Extremism by Changing the Way We Vote -

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