Democracy Happy Hour—November 9, 2022

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  • Nov 16 – Creating an Inter-Movement "Generative Change" Community to Save & Strengthen Our Democratic Republic with Walter Roberts & Caleb Christen
  • Nov 23 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break
  • Nov 30 – Share your favorite democracy themed book or documentary



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Remarks by President Biden on Standing up for Democracy – Nov 2nd -

Midterms Live Updates: After Red Wave ‘Didn’t Happen,’ Biden Says Re-election Decision Will Come Next Year -

VIDEO: President Biden News Conference on Midterm Election Results – Nov 9th -

As Trump Prepares to Announce White House Run, He Tells Iowa Crowd to ‘Get Ready’ -

DOJ mulling potential special counsel if Trump runs in 2024 -

Report says Trump lawyers who fought election results saw Justice Thomas as key to success -

Lawyers Who Advanced Trump’s Election Challenges Return for Midterms -

Republicans sue to disqualify thousands of mail ballots in swing states -

GOP activists and candidates set stage to claim elections they lose are stolen -

Republicans sue to disqualify thousands of mail ballots in swing states -

Avalanche of early lawsuits could pave way for disputes over Tuesday’s election results -

Biggest surge of misinformation may arrive after Election Day, researchers say -

Brackeen v. Haaland -

Race Question in Supreme Court Adoption Case Unnerves Tribes -

A controversial election theory at the Supreme Court is tied to a disputed document -

Supreme Court Case on State Legislatures Could Open Litigation Floodgates -

U.S. judiciary launches online database of judges' financial disclosures -

Total cost of 2022 state and federal elections projected to exceed $16.7 billion -

Fueled by Billionaires, Political Spending Shatters Records Again -

Billionaire Money in the 2022 Election -

Out-of-State Money Is Flooding Midterm Races — and Drowning Out Local Issues -

Money is pouring into state judicial campaigns this year -

Where money is gushing into WA Legislature elections — and why -

Four big companies pour money into Washington’s elections -

Joe Manchin tells CEOs it's 'foolish' for them to give money to political candidates while 'asking nothing in return' -

Even in States Where Legislators Earn More, Economic Diversity in the State House Remains Elusive -

The FEC Isn’t Enforcing the Law. Does It Even Matter? -

Worries Grow That TikTok Is New Home for Manipulated Video and Photos -

How to avoid falling for and spreading misinformation online -

Council for Responsible Social Media -

Seattle Redistricting – Final map adopted by commission on Nov 8th -

Pacific Northwest leading the nation on political reform -

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5:00 pm
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