Democracy Happy Hour – October 19, 2022

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Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in Washington State:

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Judge: Trump signed court document that knowingly included false voter fraud stats -


Supreme Court Rejects Trump Request to Intervene in Documents Case -


Trump worker told FBI about moving Mar-a-Lago boxes on ex-president’s orders -


Over 370 Republican Candidates Have Cast Doubt on the 2020 Election -


Democracy on the ballot—How many election deniers are on the ballot in November and what is their likelihood of success? -


'Stop the steal' supporters train thousands of U.S. poll observers -


Right-Wing Leaders Mobilize Corps of Election Activists -


Election workers in battleground states faced onslaught of malicious emails, researchers say -


U.S. security officials worry about homegrown election threats -


Ballot measures in at least eight states will set ground rules for future elections -


Mail Voting: States Trending in Opposite Directions Ahead of 2022 Midterms -


Poll: Majority of Voters Confident Midterms Will Be Conducted Fairly, with Reliable Results -


These elections "are the most important in our lifetime": Democracy advocate on America's choice -


State Supreme Court Races: Big Issues, Big Money -


Supreme Court case could halt civil rights lawsuits by nursing home patients -


Indiana case before U.S. Supreme Court could help red states defund Planned Parenthood -


Ohio Republicans take fight over congressional district map to the U.S. Supreme Court -


December argument session will feature divisive cases on election law, First Amendment -


Spread the Word About the Dangerous ‘Independent State Legislature Theory’ -


Why the Supreme Court is taking on so many politically divisive cases -


Leonard Leo Pushed the Courts Right. Now He’s Aiming at American Society. -


Leonard Leo’s Network Is Increasingly Powerful. But It Is Not Easy to Define. -

Democrats Are Outspending Republicans 2-To-1 To Hold Onto House -


In Midterm TV Ad Wars, Sticker Shock Costs Republicans -



How a McConnell-linked group is closing the ad spending gap with Democrats in key Senate races -


Meet the 10 biggest megadonors for the 2022 midterm elections -


Outside groups spent a midterm-record of $1.3 billion on 2022 federal elections. The election is still 25 days away. -


Ted Cruz reimbursed himself $555,000 after successfully challenging a political spending law at the Supreme Court -


5 Ways Secret Money Makes Its Way into our Elections -


Federal judge blocks two campaign finance reforms in Illinois -


Corporations donated more than $35.6 million to election deniers -


What Foreign Companies Give the Most Money to PACs? -


The Regulators of Facebook, Google and Amazon Also Invest in the Companies’ Stocks -


Threat to Democracy? Start With Corruption, Many Voters Say -


Poll: Most in US say misinformation spurs extremism, hate -


How TikTok ate the internet -


Facebook whistleblower, former defense and intel officials form group to fix social media -


Newspapers with a partisan aim filling the void of traditional media -


How youth activists energized the right — and drove politics into madness -


Truthtellers - A video series from a conservative perspective telling the truth about the 2020 election. -


Truthtellers Ep. 6: "No Downside to Vote by Mail" - Truthtellers Ep. 6: "No Downside to Vote by Mail"


WA's secretary of state race is a special election — in more ways than one -


Seattle voters to consider ‘approval voting’ vs. ‘ranked choice’ voting; here’s the difference -


Approval vs. ranked-choice voting: What's the difference? -


Battle in Seattle: RCV vs. Approval Voting this Nov. -


Don’t believe these 5 common myths about ranked-choice voting -


Measure W Would Give Voters $100 to Use Toward Candidates of Their Choice -


Organizing for collective impact: It takes an (inter-movement) community -

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5:00 pm
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