Democracy Happy Hour – October 26, 2022

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Democracy Happy Hour, October 26, 2022 - Meeting Recordings & Chat File:

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour Topics:

  • Oct 26 - Voting Rights: From Jim Crow to Today
  • Nov 2 - The Midterms: What can we expect?
  • Nov 9 - Midterm Election Report
  • Nov 16 – Creating an Inter-Movement "Generative Change" Community to Save & Strengthen Our Democratic Republic with Walter Roberts & Caleb Christen
  • Nov 23 – NO Democracy Happy Hour this week - Holiday Break


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Ranked Choice Voting on the ballot in Washington State:

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Voting Rights: From Jim Crow to Today Links:

Democracy in the News Links:

Jan. 6 Panel Issues Subpoena to Trump, Setting Up Legal Battle Over Testimony -

Bannon Sentenced to 4 Months in Prison for Contempt of Congress -

DOJ asks judge to force Trump White House lawyers to testify in Jan. 6 probe -

Jan. 6 committee aids Fulton prosecutors in their investigation of Trump -

Meadows Ordered to Testify in Georgia Election Investigation -

Former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, former US Sen. Kelly Loeffler testify to grand jury in Georgia investigating 2020 election interference -

Clarence Thomas freezes order for Lindsey Graham to testify before Georgia grand jury investigating 2020 election -

Trump Mar-a-Lago probe proceeds on two tracks: One public, one private -

Prosecutors Pressure Trump Aides to Testify in Documents Case -

FBI identifies Arizona as one of top states for threats against election workers -

Election officials: Armed "vigilantes" near ballot drop box in Arizona -

Police promise protection as more reports of ballot box watchers come in -

It's Hard To Run Elections These Days. Just Ask Nevada's Election Officials. -

Conspiracy pushers target races for local election posts -

False claims overwhelm local efforts to ensure voters the elections are secure -

Trump allies using false election claims, images of war to recruit ex-military as poll workers -

Pro-Trump conspiracy theorists hound election officials out of office -

Some Republicans Want to Count Votes by Hand. Bad Idea, Experts Say. -

Pro-Trump Republicans court election volunteers to ‘challenge any vote’ -

RNC has launched 73 election lawsuits in 20 states: 'Most litigious' election cycle -

How votes are cast and counted is increasingly decided in courtrooms -

Trump Plans to Challenge the 2022 Elections — Starting in Philly -

Prolonged challenges by losing candidates could overshadow November election results -

'Anger on their minds': NBC News poll finds sky-high interest and polarization ahead of midterms -

Fears Over Fate of Democracy Leave Many Voters Frustrated and Resigned -

Their America is vanishing. Like Trump, they insist they were cheated -

Side effect of divisive politics? Unaffiliated voter numbers rise. -

Hotline, website launched to address voting rights concerns ahead of election -

Alaska Supreme Court explains ruling that says ranked choice voting, open primaries are constitutional -

U.S. Supreme Court case from North Carolina could unleash profound changes to elections nationwide -

Moore v. Harper Parties Submit Briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court -

Inside Steve Bannon’s ‘disturbing’ quest to radically rewrite the US constitution -

State-level midterm election fundraising on track to exceed $7 billion -

A Democratic Group Pours $20 Million Into State Legislative Races -

Secretary of state candidates have raised a record $56.2 million for 2022 election -

Dark money groups have spent nearly $1 billion so far to boost GOP Senate candidates -

New Trump-backed super PAC pours $8.6 million in ad spending into key races -

Koch-Backed Conservative Super PAC Gets $25 Million Jolt for Ground Game in Key States -

86 Percent of GOP 2022 Senate Race TV Ad Budget Has Come From Dark Money Groups -

Big money from corporate America could mean wins for "Big Lie" candidates -

Republicans Are Having a Messy Breakup With Corporate America. They Feel Fine -

These PACS are funding 'parents' rights advocates' running for local school board positions -

Big K Street players spend more as election uncertainty brews -

How Disinformation Splintered and Became More Intractable -

Republican committee sues Google over email spam filters -

Throw the book at Meta for intentional campaign finance violations -

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