Democracy Happy Hour – September 7, 2022

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  • Sept 14 - Minority Rule: How did we get here?
  • Sept 21 - Benefits & Types of Public Funding for Elections
  • Sept 28 - Next U.S. Supreme Court Session: What can we expect?


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Spokane civil rights activist Sandy Williams was aboard plane that crashed in Puget Sound -


Biden Warns That American Values Are Under Assault by Trump-Led Extremism -


Historian of Radical Right: Biden Is Correct, Trump Poses Existential Threat to Future of Democracy -


Material on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities seized at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago -


F.B.I. Found 48 Empty Folders That Had Contained Classified Documents at Trump’s Home -


Obstruction now a major focus in Trump documents probe -


Judge Grants Trump’s Request for Special Master to Review Mar-a-Lago Documents -


‘Deeply Problematic’: Experts Question Judge’s Intervention in Trump Inquiry -


Judge Unseats Official Who Trespassed at Capitol on Jan. 6 -


Lawmaker on Jan. 6 probe panel expects Mike Pence to testify voluntarily -


Jan. 6 select panel asks Newt Gingrich to testify -


Trump says he's 'financially supporting' January 6 defendants and will look 'very favorably' about full pardons if he wins the 2024 election -


Ginni Thomas pressed Wisconsin lawmakers to overturn Biden’s 2020 victory -


They Were at the Capitol on Jan. 6. Now They’re Running for Congress. -


More Than 1 In 2 Americans Will Have An Election Denier On The Ballot This Fall -


Elected officials, police chiefs on leaked Oath Keepers list -


Cameras, Plexiglass, Fireproofing: Election Officials Beef Up Security -


Are elections in WA safe from cybersecurity attacks and misinformation? Here’s what experts say -


Who Certifies Elections in the U.S. and Abroad? -


The midterm elections need workers. Teens, veterans and lawyers are stepping up -

Explainer: How new U.S. laws could trip up voters this November -


Out of 18 pro-democracy bills in 2022, the US Senate filibuster torpedoed 17 of them: report -


A Second Constitutional Convention? Some Republicans Want to Force One -


Democrat Mary Peltola wins special U.S. House election, will be first Alaska Native elected to Congress -


Results and analysis from Alaska's first RCV election -


After Peltola win in Alaska, a debate erupts over ranked-choice voting -


Election deniers repeatedly visited Ga. county office at center of criminal probe, video shows -


Michigan elections panel declines to send voting rights proposal to ballot -


What brought down one Texas county’s entire elections department? It was something in the water. -


Wisconsin disabled voters may have help returning their ballots, federal judge rules -


Wis. activist who said voter fraud is easy to commit faces election charges -


Inflation and abortion are the biggest motivators for young voters in 2022 -


17 Million Women Have Lost Abortion Access Since The Supreme Court Overturned Roe -


States watch Texas to determine impact of abortion bans -


Veterans Affairs says it will provide abortions — even in Texas -


UN committee calls on US to address effects of Dobbs ruling on racial, ethnic minorities -


Local judges now have more power to decide who gets an abortion -


The Legal Dilemma on Student Debt Relief -


Our Voting Rights Are at Stake in Upcoming Supreme Court Ruling -


Top state court judges defend their election oversight at U.S. Supreme Court -


Leonard Leo: the secretive rightwinger using billions to reshape America -


How a Record Cash Haul Vanished for Senate Republicans -


Polarized Contributions but Convergent Agendas -


FEC approves rule to remove candidate loan repayment restrictions -


The Conflicted: Reps Own Stock in Companies While Serving on Committees Overseeing Them -


Our Super Rich Are Fretting About Their Great-Great-Grandkids -


How Abbott Kept Sick Babies From Becoming a Scandal -


YouTube more likely to recommend election-fraud content to those skeptical of the 2020 election: study -


Facebook parent company repeatedly violated WA campaign finance law, court finds -


Data shows how well Seattle’s democracy voucher program is working -


Seattle’s ‘Girlvolution’ shapes youth leaders to act now -


Democracy Day 2022 -

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