Ranked Choice Voting: In the News

4-28-20 - How ranked choice voting could restore the concept of majority rule - "Already being used in New York City and a number of states, RCV offers the added benefit of forcing candidates to appeal to a broader constituency, reducing negative campaigning."

4-24-20 - Tired of Fighting About Third Parties? Just Enact Ranked Choice Voting. - Rumblings of third party challenges are starting, and the major parties are trying to find ways to counter their efforts. But if we had ranked choice voting, we could focus on showing why our candidate is the best, instead of finding ways to suppress other candidates.

4-23-20 - All states should have mail-in and ranked ballots. Take Wyoming's word for it. - "We don't know what the country will look like in two months — if polling places will be safe places to congregate or even if people will be permitted to leave their homes. We do know fair elections are sacrosanct. The choices we make now will have an impact on our democracy for generations to come."

4-1-20 - Why Hasn’t Washington Adopted Ranked Choice Voting? - "Conceivably entrenched politicians fear that if RCV is seen to work at the local level—as it clearly does all over the country and parts of the world—it would add to pressure on them to have Washington follow Maine."

3-30-20 - Why ranked-choice voting should be a part of the coronavirus elections fix - Voting early or by mail is not enough. Just this month, well over 2 million voted early for a presidential candidate who got out of the race before that vote was counted. With RCV, those votes would move to the voters' next choices and they wouldn't be punished for a decision beyond their control. RCV would have given them a backup — and a voice.

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