Democracy Happy Hour – August 11, 2021

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Below are the links to the recordings, chat, articles shared, upcoming actions/events, etc. from our August 11, 2021 Democracy Happy Hour. We covered democracy in the news and The Rise of Authoritarianism.

I was asked to share the video of my recent testimony before the WA State Redistricting Commision on July 31st for CD 7 & 9. Here's the link to the recording. My testimony begins around 13:45 in:

Also, here's info on the event Keitha mentioned with the LWV of Thurston County on August 26th @ 5:30-7 pm - Summer Meet & Greet w/ Mary Ziegert -

Upcoming topics:

  • 08/18/21 – Modernization and Democracy
  • 08/25/21 – Social Media's Impact on Democracy

Meeting Recording

Actions, Events & Misc. Links:

#ForThePeopleAct ACTIONS:'

  • Call your Senator to support For the People Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act@ 1.888.453.3211
  • Call the White House @ 202-456-1111 and tell @POTUS that the Senate must pass the #ForThePeopleAct & we need @POTUS to use every lever of power and influence at his disposal to get it done.
  • Declaration for American Democracy Take Action page -


Letter To the Editor DRIVE - Use this LTE tool to submit a letter to their local newspapers. -

o   Sign Petition -

March On For Voting Rights – August 28th - Main Page -

o   March On For Voting Rights - WA State Virtual March - August 28th @ 12 pm PT - Register @

“Democracy Vouchers: How bringing money into politics can drive money out of politics” with author Tom Latkowski - September 9th @ 6 pm

o   Register @

o   Donate $35 or more & receive a FREE copy of “Democracy Vouchers” -

WA Redistricting Links:

o   Redistricting Justice for WA -

o   WA State Redistricting Commission -

Democracy in the News Links:

What’s in the new infrastructure bill — and why it’s a big deal -

Senate Democrats adopt sweeping $3.5 trillion budget that opens the door to health, education and tax reforms -

Key Democrats say the price tag on the $3.5 trillion budget blueprint is too high. -

Schumer sets September voting rights fight after GOP blocks quick debate -

Dems renew push on elections bill that GOP vows to block -

Not patriots, not political prisoners — U.S. judges slam Capitol riot defendants at sentencing -

Puyallup man pleads guilty to assaulting officers in Jan. 6 attack at U.S. Capitol -

Capitol riot: Off-duty Seattle police officers fired over assault -

Washington Supreme Court to hear case about Seattle officers who attended D.C. rally before U.S. Capitol attack -

Senate Judiciary interviewing former DOJ officials about Trump post-election efforts -

An acting attorney general under Trump testified for 7 hours on the then-president's efforts to overturn the election, Sen. Dick Durbin says -

Committee investigating Capitol insurrection has a lot of power, but can it force Trump to testify? -

The Arizona “audit” finally seems to be wrapping up. Prepare for a blizzard of disinformation. -

Trump allies’ lingering election ‘audits’ spark public skepticism, concerns in Congress -

Abbott Sets Up New Voting Showdown With Absentee Texas Democrats -

Texas Supreme Court halts ruling that protected Democrats from arrest in voting rights standoff -

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan signs 52 arrest warrants for absent Democrats in bid to end chamber’s weekslong stalemate -

Georgia Republicans didn’t waste any time in using their new voter suppression law -

Republicans Threaten Voter Registration Volunteers With Crimes -

56 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965, lawmakers struggle to find common ground -

Dems document U.S. history of discrimination in shaping John Lewis voting rights bill -

REPORT ON Voting in America: Ensuring Free and Fair Access to the Ballot -

Fixing the Senate Filibuster -

CLC Report Grades Changes To Voting Laws During States’ 2021 Legislative Sessions -

NAACP launches national campaign in latest strategy to combat widespread voter suppression efforts -

Large Racial Turnout Gap Persisted in 2020 Election -

Sen. Ossoff Introduces Bill Establishing First-Ever Statutory Federal Right to Vote -

Klobuchar, Colleagues Introduce Legislation to Prevent Election Subversion, Protect Election Administrators -

A Session Like No Other: An Overview of 2021’s Unprecedented Wave of State Preemption Bills -

'Dark Money' Is Funding The 2020 Election Challenge — And Could Challenge 2024 -

Washington’s hottest club is Joe Manchin’s houseboat -

Follow the money: Understanding the deep roots of Donald Trump's coup attempt -

The Big Money Behind the Big Lie -

Trump’s stolen election racket is working extremely well — even here in Washington state -

GOP Cash Machine’s Behavior Is ‘Nothing Short of Scandalous’ -

How to loosen the hold rich people have on our elections -

Racial Justice Advocates Provide Essential Leadership in Pioneering Seattle Democracy Vouchers Victory -

The Upcoming Census Redistricting Data Release, Explained -

Gerrymandering Explained -

Census data spurred GOP’s largest partisan edge in decades -

Supreme Court decision could set off gerrymandering 'arms race' -

Use these tools to uncover partisan gerrymandering -

PlanScore - Score Electoral District Maps -!2020-ushouse


Civic Illiteracy Fuels Misinformation -

Comprehensive civics education should lead with equity -

CivicGenius -

The Civics Secures Democracy Act of 2021 -

BILL - S.879 - Civics Secures Democracy Act -

The Rise of Authoritarianism Links:

Authoritarianism - Wikipedia -

Authoritarianism definition -

Tyranny definition -

The History Of Authoritarianism And Its Modern-Day Connections -

The rise of American authoritarianism -

Democracy Challenged: The Rise of Authoritarianism in the United States -

What’s Driving the Rise of Authoritarianism and Populism in Europe and Beyond? -

Why Is Authoritarianism On The Rise Worldwide? - Why Is Authoritarianism On The Rise Worldwide? -

The real reason authoritarian populism is on the rise: it's simple -

Trump's coup came so close to working — do the American people even care? -

Josh Hawley's Orwellian "Love America Act" and the fascist campaign to rewrite history -

Sen. Hawley Introduces Bill to Promote Patriotism, Love for Country, and Push Back on Critical Race Theory in Schools -


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