Democracy Happy Hour – October 13, 2021

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Democracy Happy Hour, October 13, 2021 - Meeting Recordings & Chat:

Actions, Events & Misc. Links:


Upcoming DHH topics:

  • Oct 20th  - Updating the U.S. Constitution: Is it time?
  • Oct 27th  - Redistricting Update: Review of the Maps

WA Redistricting:

  • Commissioners’ Proposed Maps:
  • Important dates to note:
  • Friday, October 22 – Deadline to ensure full consideration of third-party map submissions by the Commission.
  • Monday, November 15 (11:59 p.m.) – Deadline for Commission to submit final maps to the Legislature.

TAKE ACTION for VOTING RIGHTS BILLS – Freedom to Vote Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act – Please do one or more of these actions:

  • Call the U.S. Senate @ 1.888.453.3211 - Tell them to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, as well as address the filibuster so these bills can pass.
  • Call the White House @ 1.888.724.8746 - Tell the President to use his power to push the Senate to pass these bills and support reforming the filibuster. (The comment line is open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, 8am-noon PT.)
  • Volunteer Phonebanks: Common Cause Phone Banks & RepresentUs Phone Banks
  • Write a Letter to the Editor: Use the Letter To the Editor Tool to submit a letter to your local newspaper
  • Sign These Petitions:

Democracy in the News Links:

Politicians and tax authorities across several continents launch fresh investigations after Pandora Papers -

US lawmakers call for crackdown on financial ‘enablers’ after Pandora Papers -

Global Deal to End Tax Havens Moves Ahead as Nations Back 15% Rate -

Pandora Papers: Tell us something we didn’t know and focus on U.S. corruption -

Top 1% of U.S. earners now hold more wealth than all of the middle class -

Takeaways from the Senate Judiciary Committee report on Trump's attempted coup -

Trump holds fast to his election lies as the GOP establishment hugs him tighter -

Trump won Hood County in a landslide. His supporters still hounded the elections administrator until she resigned. -

How false fraud claims are eroding integrity of American election system -

We Are Republicans. There’s Only One Way to Save Our Party From Pro-Trump Extremists. -

Senate Judiciary squares off over John Lewis voting rights bill -

The top DOJ civil rights official urged senators to restore the Voting Rights Act -

Republicans say new voting rights bill a ‘federal takeover of election law’ -

Why the Senate Must Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act -

Frustrated voting-rights advocates claw for opening on Senate filibuster -

A Supermajority of Voters Support the Freedom to Vote Act -

Manchin Elections Bill Could Get Vote in Senate This Month -

'Cannot wait for Washington:' How voting rights activists are navigating new restrictions ahead of November elections -

DeJoy’s 10-Year Postal Plan Threatens Mail-In Ballots, States Say -

Democrats edge toward dumping Iowa’s caucuses as the first presidential vote -

The Gerrymandering Is Getting Hog Wild in Texas -

Texas House passes proposed new map for chamber’s 150 districts, aiming to protect Republicans’ majority for the next decade -

Federal judges freeze Wisconsin redistricting lawsuit, will step in if needed -

Court rules Ohio's GOP governor can be questioned under oath in gerrymandering case -

Michigan's draft redistricting maps approved, will be taken to the public next -

Michigan's redistricting maps raising concerns for black voters -

The imminent impact of redistricting: sharper partisan elbows, less compromise by both sides in the House -

Redistricting and Changing Demographics in Key States -

Moderate Democrats and the entire GOP are unwilling to admit how endangered democracy is -

Rift widens between business groups and House GOP -

Americans Want The Government To Act On Climate Change. What’s The Hold-Up? -

AT&T quietly becomes powerhouse in conservative politics -

How AT&T helped build far-right One America News -

Pro-Trump PAC fined over foreign money offer -

Campaign Finance Reform? Maybe Next Cycle. This One’s Too Important -

Study shows how corporations influence policy through nonprofit donations -

We need a constitutional amendment on money in politics -

Appeals court reinstates Texas’s six-week abortion ban, two days after it was lifted -

Divided Supreme Court considers who can defend abortion restrictions -

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case for D.C. Statehood -

The Whole Judiciary Branch Has a Credibility Crisis -

Stocks owned by Supreme Court justices tilt the scales of justice -

If the Supreme Court doesn’t want to be seen as partisan, it should show us the money -

John Roberts is no longer the leader of his own court. Who, then, controls it? -

Voter Choice Act reintroduced in Congress -

Is ranked-choice voting too complicated? Utah lawmakers may let cities experiment with approval voting, too -


The American Public Views the Spread of Misinformation as a Major Problem -

A Surprising Share of Americans Wants to Break Up the Country. Here’s Why They’re Wrong. -

Democracy reformers lean in to collaborative initiatives -

Can entertainment help save a fracturing America? -

The Center for Entertainment and Civic Health -

The Civic Voice: Why democracy needs good news -

Gender & Racial Parity in Political Participation – Why does it matter? Links

Parity Definition -

Represent Women – U.S. Overview -

2020 Census Ethnicity Data -

2020 Census may have undercounted Black Americans, new analyses say -

How Diverse is Congress -

Gender Parity Index -

New study finds white male minority rule dominates US -

Racial, ethnic diversity increases yet again with the 117th Congress -

Black Americans have made gains in U.S. political leadership, but gaps remain -

Around the World, the Greatest Gender Disparities Are in Politics -

Women may be encouraged to run for office when structural rather than personal challenges are emphasized to explain the gender gap, but effects vary by race and ethnicity. -

Democracy, gender equality, and gender security -

Women’s Underrepresentation in the U.S. Congress -

Fact Sheet: U.S. Efforts to Combat Systemic Racism -

Small Donor Public Financing Could Advance Race and Gender Equity in Congress -

To Reflect all of its People, America Must Become A Proportional Democracy -

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October 13, 2021
5:00 pm
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