Democracy Happy Hour – September 8, 2021

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Democracy Happy Hour, September 8, 2021 - Meeting Recordings & Chat:

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Upcoming Democracy Happy Hour topics:

  • Sept 15th - Election Audits – What are the best options?
  • Sept 22nd - Extremism in the U.S. – What, When & How?
  • Sept 29th - Gender & Racial Parity in Political Participation – Why does it matter?

TAKE ACTION for VOTING RIGHTS – Please commit to doing one or more of these actions:

“Democracy Vouchers: How bringing money into politics can drive money out of politics” with author Tom Latkowski - September 9th @ 6 pm

WA Redistricting Links:

DrawYourWA mapping tool now live with the official Census Bureau redistricting data and the state’s adjusted data based on relocation of persons in state custody to their last known address for purposes of redistricting. We will inform the public as soon as the data has been uploaded.

  • Tuesday, September 21 – Commissioners will each release their proposed state legislative district map.
  • Tuesday, September 28 – Commissioners will each release their proposed congressional district map.
  • Tuesday, October 5 (7 p.m.) Statewide Virtual Public Outreach Meeting to receive feedback on state legislative map proposals.
  • Saturday, October 9 (10 a.m.) - Statewide Virtual Public Outreach Meeting to receive feedback on congressional map proposals.
  • Friday, October 22 – Deadline to ensure full consideration of third-party map submissions by the Commission.
  • Monday, November 15 (11:59 p.m.) – Deadline for Commission to submit final maps to the Legislature.


Democracy in the News Links:

What The Texas Abortion Ban Does — And What It Means For Other States -

What to know about the Texas abortion law -

Texas anti-abortion law turns everyday citizens into bounty hunters -

Texas created a blueprint for abortion restrictions. Republican-controlled states may follow suit. -

Why Texas’s Abortion Law May Go Too Far For Most Americans -

Texas county judge temporarily blocks anti-abortion group from enforcing ban against Planned Parenthood -

Justice Department to protect women seeking an abortion in Texas -

Corporate America, critical of restrictive voting bills, remains largely silent on Texas abortion ban -

Mexico’s Supreme Court Votes to Decriminalize Abortion -

Women’s March – October 2nd -

State GOP leaders push new 2020 election reviews as Arizona report looms -

Heeding Steve Bannon’s Call, Election Deniers Organize to Seize Control of the GOP — and Reshape America’s Elections -

Special Report: Terrorized U.S. election workers get little help from law enforcement -

Bipartisan group offers free legal aid to election workers facing intimidation -

After voters embraced mail ballots, GOP states tighten rules -

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signs law creating new voting restrictions as opponents sue in federal court -

New Texas voting bill deepens growing disparities in how Americans can cast their ballots -

We’re Suing Texas Over Its New Voter Suppression Law -

North Florida Voting Rights Advocates Call For More Federal Oversight -

The election gambit that’s sending Georgia Democrats into a frenzy -

Kansas’ new law halts voter registration efforts, as local elections draw near -

Georgia shows the promise of automatic voter registration -

New study suggests Native American voting disparity growing -

ALEC Lied About Its Work on Election Suppression Bills -

The John Lewis Act would restore key voting protections. Democrats should fight for it. -

Justice Department releases Voting Rights Act mapmaking guidance -

Joe Biden Needs to Get Serious About Voting Rights -

The Divide in American Democracy Deepens -

Congressional Gerrymandering Is Voter Suppression, Too -

Barely underway, Texas redistricting draws its first lawsuit challenging Legislature’s authority to redraw legislative maps -

Native American leaders in S.D. keeping close eye on legislative redistricting -

Redistricting and the Coming Collisions Between Partisans and Courts -

How redistricting may cause a delay to the 2022 primary calendar -

Tea party 2.0? Conservatives get organized in school battles -


Why I Won’t Support Spending Another $3.5 Trillion -

‘Sick of bipartisan corruption’: AOC takes aim at Joe Manchin for ‘huddling’ with fossil fuel lobbyists -

Shadow docket Supreme Court decisions could affect millions -

Partisan divides in media trust widen, driven by a decline among Republicans -

Why Right-Wing Media Wants its Viewers to Live in Another Reality -

The Internet Trust Tool -

Patriotism and freedom: The two most misused terms in U.S. politics -

How a Small Town Silenced a Neo-Nazi Hate Campaign -

The Democracy Constitution -

The Influence of Political Think Tanks on Policy Making Links:

Think Tank - Definition -

A History of Think-Tanks: 12 Things You Should Know -

The Fifth Estate: Think Tanks, Public Policy, and Governance -

How Think Tanks Influence Policy – An Overview of Current Debates -

What's Behind the 'Think Tanks' That Influence US Policy? -

Do Think Tanks Still Matter? Myths and Reality of Think Tank Influence in the Digital Age -

How Think Tanks Amplify Corporate America’s Influence -

Think tanks, evidence and policy: democratic players or clandestine lobbyists? -

Positioning think tanks for policy influence -

Top Influential Think Tanks 2021 -

Political Biases of Influential Think Tanks -

The 50 Most Influential Think Tanks in the United States -

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September 8, 2021
5:00 pm
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